Dada Group’s JDDJ Strengthens Partnership with G-super to Launch “Super Merchant Day” with New Sales Records

SHANGHAI, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA) ("Dada" or the "Company"), China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, is pleased to announce that JD Daojia (JDDJ), the on-demand retail platform of Dada, has collaborated with G-super, the innovative retail chain brand of Greenland Group, to launch the exclusive "Super Merchant Day". On January 31, G-super saw new record-breaking online orders and sales on JDDJ.

A picker was processing JDDJ’s orders at a G-super store
A picker was processing JDDJ’s orders at a G-super store

"Super Merchant Day" is a customized online shopping festival created by JDDJ for leading supermarket chains in China. The event aims to integrate the online and offline retail businesses, including retailers, stores, brand owners and e-commerce platform, to innovate marketing effects and improve online sales, user base, and brand influence. In 2021, JDDJ plans to launch more than 30 Super Merchant Days together with Top 100 supermarket chains and regional leaders in China.

As an innovative retail chain brand created by Greenland Group, which is among the Global Top 500 and the world’s leading multinational comprehensive enterprise group, G-super is a leader in China’s boutique supermarkets, selecting cost-effective imported goods and creating satisfying user experience for new middle-class consumers.

This was the first time that G-super jointly launched a shopping festival with a local on-demand retail platform through its online stores nationwide. During the 9-day online promotion from January 23 to January 31, G-super’s sales increased by 7.4 times compared with the same period last year. On the peak day, the number of new users increased by 200% over the previous week and the consumption frequency of online members soared by nearly 40% on JDDJ.

Di Mu, the Assistant General Manager and E-commerce Manager of G-super, said that, "The ‘Super Business Day’ event achieved satisfactory results of sales, orders, users, and members. G-super and JDDJ have built close partnership in terms of marketing, online traffic, users, and online and offline services. This can be a good example for supermarkets and O2O platform to jointly launch an online shopping festival in the industry."

Huijian He, the Vice President of Dada Group, said that, "G-super’s advantages in products and customers are valuable for JDDJ to diversify and optimize the product supply and attract mid-to-high-end users. Since the establishment of partnership, JDDJ have supported G-super with capabilities and operations experience of online traffic, marketing, order fulfilment, product management, and member operations."

Since September 2017, JDDJ has cooperated with G-super, as its stores in Shanghai have been integrated into the platform. In the past more than three years, G-super maintained rapid growth in online stores and sales on JDDJ. To date, all G-super stores have launched on JDDJ, covering main cities in China such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Jinan, and Chengdu. At the third quarter of 2020, G-super’s sales on JDDJ nearly increased by 2 times compared with the same period last year, and the number of users placing orders and new users also nearly doubled year-on-year.

"The ‘Super Merchant Day’ was a key milestone for our three-years cooperation. It also formed methodologies for two companies’ deepening future cooperation," said Ms. Mu. "The next three years will be crucial for G-super’s digitalization strategy, and JDDJ has become our important partner in this regard. We will strength our partnership with JDDJ in respect of users, products, order fulfilment, and marketing, to boost online sales and achieve refined operations."

About Dada Group

Dada Group is a leading platform of local on-demand retail and delivery in China. It operates JDDJ, one of China’s largest local on-demand retail platforms for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery platform open to merchants and individual senders across various industries and product categories. The company’s two platforms are interconnected and mutually beneficial. The Dada Now platform enables improved delivery experience for participants on the JDDJ platform through its readily accessible fulfillment solutions and strong on-demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the vast volume of on-demand delivery orders from the JDDJ platform increases order volume and density for the Dada Now platform. In June 2020, Dada Group began trading on Nasdaq, under the ticker symbol "DADA".

About G-super

G-Super is an innovative retail chain brand created by Greenland Group, which is among the Global Top 500 and the world’s leading multinational comprehensive enterprise group. It is a preferred living space integrating "Shopping + Dining + Entertainment + Socializing". It not only focuses on imported goods with high cost performance, but also pays more attention to user experience: selecting global fashionable products, integrating fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh aquatic products, baked baking, catering delicacies, children’s experience, electronic products, etc. G-Super has paid more attention to the development of home-delivery service based on WeChat platform. WeChat orders can be delivered to customers’ homes in 30 minutes at the earliest. It focuses on Omni-channel development of online and offline to create a new era of Greenland shopping.

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