CrewBloom levels up the Outsourcing Industry

Due to the booming evolution of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and introducing new kinds of technology in the workplace, it surely opens a lot of opportunities and better changes to many places, people and businesses.


On the left is Brianna Carney, founder of CrewBloom and together with her is the co-founder, Kate Ringcodan.

CrewBloom helps both big companies and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by using a modern and radical approach having its commitment to producing a good quality and growth to the business.  The Company gives access to their clients to pick from their top best contractors in the Philippines.

They assure and believe that promoting work-life balance and flexibility to its people will improve and have a consistent performance, high productivity, and overall happier workforce in the outsourcing space.

The call center agents and their offices are likely based on the two leading BPO hubs in the World which are the Philippines and India. These Asian countries are known for high-quality output, having affordable wages, readily available manpower and the majority is a good English speaker. Wherein the Filipinos are known as professional native English speakers and has experience in working for international brands which can compete in global markets according to its track record.

It was founded and handle by an entrepreneur based in New York – Brianna Carney, together with her co-founder Kate Ringcodan as the remote outsourcing landscape in the Philippines.

The Company started to help the US-based MSMEs to easily find, hire and retain the hires they need that will up grow the company quickly and hassle-free.

They are not just an environmental advocate in lessening carbon footprint by removing the need for a physical office. CrewBloom also provides work flexibility and compensation that recognizes success and rewards hard work as a solution to the lack of humanity in the Philippine call center environments.


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