Should You Buy A Universal Clip Lens For Your Smartphone


You might have been going back and forth in your decision to buy a universal clip lens for your smartphone. This back and forth decision may be because of the fact that you might view it as an unnecessary luxury or something that you might not be able to use in the long run. Well, aren’t you glad we are here to help you make an informed decision on whether to buy a universal clip lens or not?

The Universal Clip Lens

To start we should first understand what a universal clip lens is. To simply put it, it is a clip on the lens that fits into almost any smartphone back camera that allows you to extend the capability of your camera. The universal clip lens usually comes in 3-in-1 form. Meaning, there are 3 lenses which you can swap on a single clip. The lenses the comes with the Universal clip are the wide angle lens, fisheye lens, and the macro lens.

rosebud macro shot
Macro Shot Rose Buds

Clip Lens for Your Phone Camera

Unless you are using an iPhone, the universal clip lens is a recommended phone camera lens. The iPhone has a compatible clip lens called the Olloclip. For the Android and another smartphone camera, the universal clip lens is the most compatible. The universal clip lens price range from around P200 / $4.35 to P3,000 / $65.22. The huge price difference is due to the varying quality of the clip lens. Since we cannot afford to buy the expensive version, we opted to buy the cheaper version which we bought online and was delivered to our doorstep with ease.


The Affordable Universal Clip Lens

The P200 version of the universal clip lens is made up of plastic. At first glance, you would think that you just bought a cheap and mini version of a plastic magnifier. However, when I started using the clip lens with our Kata i3l and Samsung note 3, the results we beyond decent. I especially enjoyed using the Macro lens, it really gives your phone camera with a magnifying power to see objects up close, really close.

macro 3 in 1 universal clip lens
Macro Shot Rose Petals

Should You Buy a Universal Clip Lens?

Now for the answer to the question that you have been waiting for. Should you buy a universal clip lens? In my own opinion yes you should buy a universal clip lens. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It creates wider frames – your smartphone camera only has a limited view. This is why it is difficult to have everybody or everything fit in your frame. Now for that ultimate groufie, you need a wider angle or better yet the fisheye lens. It is a good thing that when you buy the Universal clip lens you already get the fisheye lens as part of the 3 in 1 set.
  2. It is very handy – for those who are tired of bringing along their heavy DSLR cameras, the universal clip lens gives your smartphone camera additional power that can compare to the power of your DSLR without the heavy load. Of course, there will still be some limitations as compared to a DSLR but the universal clip lens gives you that decent and extended phone camera power.
  3. See the World Up Close – you do not need to spend on expensive DSLR macro lenses. The macro lens in the clip lens will give you that close-up magnification that you need in order to see and capture objects closer.
  4. Add Zoom power – yes, if you opted for the more expensive version, you can have a zoom lens. The zoom lens gives your camera a zooming power without having to sacrifice quality which is evident when you use your phone camera’s digital zoom.
  5. It is affordable – P200 or roughly about $5 will already buy you a decent universal clip lens. As starters, or if you want to try it out first then you can just invest around P200 excluding shipping fee. If you opt for the expensive version it is still affordable as compared to buying a DSLR lens.

We hope that we were able to help you out in giving you an informed decision whether you are to buy a universal clip lens or not. For easy purchase delivered to your doorstep, you can buy your universal clip lens here.


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