Amazon Set To Enter The South East Asia Market


After introducing Amazon prime in China and after investing on India with about $3 Billion investment, Amazon, the pioneer in online shopping is said to open business in South East Asia via Singapore. According to news, the Online shopping giant will open business in South East Asia early 2017.

Signs Of Times

This move of focus in South East Asia became evident when Amazon offered to buy Redmart, a grocery delivery startup in Singapore. Unfortunately for Amazon the deal broke down, the reason for this, according to reports, is that the offer is low. Even though the Redmart deal collapsed reports have surfaced that Amazon will push through with its opening in South East Asia in 2017.

Inside Amazon Warehouse

The Redmart Deal

It would seem that Amazon was planning to launch their Amazon Fresh in South East Asia, particularly in Singapore through their acquisition of Redmart. With the collapse of the talks it is said that Lazada is now sitting with Redmart to strike a possible deal. It can be recalled that Lazada, which is said to be the Amazon clone in South East Asia, was recently invested upon by China’s online shopping giant, Alibaba.

Is Amazon Ready To Take SEA?

With Lazada well established in SEA, and with Alibaba dominating the Asian market is Amazon ready to battle it out with these giants? Well, we should not take Amazon for granted because lest we forget it was Amazon who started all these online shopping revolution. Their experience in this market may give them an edge not to mention a huge war chest at their disposal. At the end of the day we should just wait and see how this play out for Amazon.
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