7th Anniversary Celebration of Creality and 3D Printing Industry Summit Highlights–Trailer: Set Your Heart Alight before the Anniversary Comes

SHENZHEN, China, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 7 years ago, Creality(https://www.creality.com/) was established on Apr.9, the 7th anniversary celebration of it will be held in Shenzhen, which can also be regarded as the industry summit.

Creality HALOT SKY
Creality HALOT SKY

New blockbuster products will be released on set and the 3D printing industry giants will gather on this day to explore the printing future and development of this industry.

Creality has always been focused on the research and development of 3D printer, leading the consumer-grade 3D printers as a pioneering brand. It is the birthday of Creality on Apr.9, as well as its annual branding day, and even the 3D printing industry gala. New launches including DIY, fully-enclosed and resin 3D printers, and printing accessories will be released on that day.

It is known that the DIY new product, CR-10smart can realize intelligent wireless 3D printing through innovation of function and appearance design while the fully-enclosed new blockbuster, sermoon V1 embraces high cost-effectiveness, high performance, simplified design and multiple case applications. HALOT-SKY will be launched as the HALOT resin printing series, which unprecedentedly innovate the integral light source and guide the LCD resin 3D printing development.

Multiple outstanding highlights will also be characterized in this anniversary day, except these new releases.

The 3D printing giants leaders will be invited to attend the round-table conference and discuss the 3D printing industry development from all range of the industry chain.

Creality 3D printing communities were created and sponsored by Creality since its appearance, and it matches to over 200 by far. The "Top Ten Printing Communities"  rewards for it will be awarded at this time, so as the "Creality Modification Masters Contest" winners will be revealed in this event.

Centered in Shenzhen with the global coverage of programming, this celebration welcomes the witness from not only spot audiences, but also the world users through live broadcast. 

Count down to this celebration, let’s meet on Apr.9, stay tuned.

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