6 Promising Tech and Innovation Products

Everyday an inventor or a person with an entrepreneurial mindset creates something that is really exceptional. Some may become successful and some, not so much. If you are an early adopter of anything tech, how would you be able to know which tech product in production is going to be a good investment? Well one cannot be 100% sure but one thing that could help you decide is to see if the crowd “approves” of the product. How? check out crowd funding sites like Indigogo or Kickstarter.

Here are 6 of the tech and innovation products in Indigogo which we think are gaining public clamor because of how well it is performing in terms of crowd-funding.

NuFlo – Soundproof ANC Wireless Earbuds

Developed by a group of audio enthusiasts, Vibes Lab had created a wireless earphones that will rival any wireless earphones that are in the market right now. The NuFlo anchor its strength on its ability to provide Active Noise Cancellation. It claims to cancel noises focusing only on what you should hear. This device is said to be great for when you are conducting teleconferencing, studying or if you just need to focus on something that you need to remove any background noise.

As of today, the NuFlo Indigogo campaign has already exceeded their initial target of $5,000 funding. As of today, they have raised $41,916 or 838% of their target goal and there is still 23 days left to their campaign as of October 11, 2019.

SRAY: World’s smallest directional speaker

It seems that there are a lot of audio devices being supported at this time. SRAY is considered to be the world’s smallest directional speaker. What is cool about a directional speaker is that you will hear the sound from the speaker if you are within its field of range or direction. Since the size is quite small, it can have a variety of application as seen in the SRAY Indigogo campaign.

As of October 11, 2019 they have raised $11,634 of their $5,000 target goal with still 42 days left in the campaign.

Ohsnap: The phone grip that doesn’t suck

Phone grips have been in the market for many years, so why is this product getting a lot of buzz? It might be because of the fact that it has an improved, non-invasive design which gets out of your way until you need it. At first glance you might think that the grip wont hold extreme pressure, however they have shown in their strength test how strong it is.

As of today, Ohsnap campaign on Indigogo already had $489,341 USD with 14,591 backers.

UBook Pro

The UBook Pro is a table that is designed with a kickstand and keyboard. Although it is a tablet it could rival even the traditional mid-range laptops. The 12.3 multi-touch screen allows you to have a bigger work space compared to a traditional tablet. This runs on Windows 10 and powered by Intel Core m3 8th Gen. It is also equipped with an 8GB RAM and 256G SSD.

As of today the UBook Pro indigogo campaign has reached HKD $1,280,742 of their HKD $100,000 goal or about 1280% with still 28 days left.

Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Desklab is a 4k portable touch screen monitor, which you can bring anywhere. Working on multiple screens is now not only for those who are tied up in the office, digital nomads can also work on multiple screens anytime anywhere with the Desklab ultralight portable 4k touchscreen monitor. The best part here is that you can increase productivity because it is a touchscreen monitor.

The Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen monitor campaign has reached HKD $165,770 of its HKD $40,000 goal or about 414%.

Swytch: the world’s smallest and lightest ebike kit

Turn your bike in to an ebike this is possible through the Swytch ebike kit. The kit is lightweight and it provides 250W electric bike power with 50km range. Their first Indigogo campaign has reached millions and in Swytch campaign they have already gained $431,660 of their $25,000 goal or about 1726%.


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