5 Ways To Battle Homesickness Using Technology

Working in another place, far from your family could really take a toll on you. Working abroad can really get you homesick. Although trying to think positively and telling yourself that you are doing this for your family may work, there is only a finite number of days before homesickness sets in. The good thing is that technology can help you cope up with homesickness. Here are the five things on how to use technology to help you cope with homesickness.


1. View Photos and Videos – reminisce the good times with your family by watching the videos you have taken with them, it may be during your family vacation or maybe just a trip to the nearest mall. Looking at photos of your family will help too! With technology, you can view these photos and videos stored on your phone or laptop anytime you want.

2. Use Chat Apps – with Facebook’s messenger, Google Allo, Google Hangouts and good ‘ol Skype there is no reason for you not to be able to connect with your loved ones. As long as there is an internet connection, you will be able to connect with them online anytime.

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3. Shop Online – shopping especially shopping for your loved ones can also be used to combat homesickness. Although you should not substitute presence with presents buying them presents online can at least hold homesickness at bay. Just make sure that you shop online via reputable sources. Sometimes you would want to send your loved ones money instead of things, and let them buy what they really want or need. When you do, you can take advantage of using the services by Moneygram which has over 350,000 locations in 200 countries worldwide. Receiving the money is also easy in any of the 12,000 branches all over the Philippines.

4. Use Social Media – everyone is already sharing updates on their life on social media. So why not use this technology to get updated on the life of your loved ones? Getting regular updates from their posts can also help you in coping with homesickness. In fact, if you get regular daily updates it might feel later on that as if you have never left.


5. View Local Websites – homesickness also includes missing your hometown. Lucky for you there are hyperlocal websites that provide up-to-date information about your locality. This way you will be able to update yourself on what is happening in your hometown if getting information from your country is just not enough.

There are more ways for you to cope with homesickness and technology is here to help you. You only have to be creative and provide the right mindset in order to make sure that you will not be missing home that much.



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