5 Tips for Portrait Photography

Are you one of those people struggling in taking portrait photography? Who don’t know anything or have a limited idea but want to level up your skills. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one struggling so cheer up!

Here are some tips to level up your Portrait Photography:

1. Engage with your model.

   Talking with your model will help her to relax and be confident in posing. It will bring out more his/her true emotion. Breaking the ice between the photographer and the model is very important. So try to compliment him or her, ask question, and joke around to break the ice.




2.Know your model’s best angle.

   A lot of people are very conscious about their looks. So before you take a picture, look and asses which angle will make your model emphasize his/her features. If he/she don’t have the same size of eyes, angle his/her face by showing the small eyes facing the camera.




3. Play with Lights.

   There are two types of lighting, natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting is mostly used for landscape but you can still use it on portrait photography. While artificial lighting is composed of foreground, background, key light, fill light which is mostly used in portrait. It might be tricky at times but it will help you to compose your model’s assets and will make your lighting balance. Lights are

your best friend.



4. Look for a good background.

Make sure your background won’t overpower your model. Look for a background that will make the photo good. It can be plain or with design as long as your model won’t merge with the background.







5. Enjoy!

Lastly, enjoy taking portrait photography! Remember, it’s the experience that counts the most.


There are more ways on how to take portrait photography that is not on the list. So if you have something on your mind, share it with us!


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One thought on “5 Tips for Portrait Photography

  1. lyn October 5, 2018 at 10:20 am

    Engaging with your model is really important it will break the awkwardness making the shoot faster and easier.


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