Zepp ‘Measurements of Attraction’ Emphasize the Healing Power of Human Connection and a Holistically Healthier Life

Measurements in Consultation with Psychologists and a Special Xmas Video

LONDON, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Zepp, a professional-grade wearable and digital health management brand, today released its first reality web film for the Christmas season: "Measurements of Attraction". Made for entertainment value during the holiday season and as an attempt to bring a smile to the faces of people living under social distancing circumstances, Zepp wanted to emphasize the healing power of human connections over the holidays, and for a healthier life in more general mental and physical aspects.  

In the entertainment video, Michelle and Will meet for the first time on camera as two real-life potential matches on a blind date and are each given a Zepp E smartwatch. With their heartbeats monitored throughout the date, the video found that the age-old notion of the heart "skipping a beat" still holds true in the modern dating world.

Zepp's first reality web film for the Christmas season “Measurements of Attraction”
Zepp’s first reality web film for the Christmas season “Measurements of Attraction”

"Measurements of Attraction" A Special Video for a Special Xmas: https://youtu.be/vPQRypD_2Js

Socially-distanced Dating: Hearts Still Skip a Beat While Wearing a Mask or in a Zoom Call 

Inspired by the enduring science of human connection, Zepp worked with experts to craft the Zepp Measurements of Attraction. In consultation with renowned medical expert, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, and respected psychologist and psychotherapist, Emma Kenny, the Measurements were designed to help people identify moments of genuine attraction based on telltale body reactions, that people can use as a personal checklist even while socially distanced.

Dr. Jarvis noted that you could be attracted to someone if your heart rate increases by at least 10bpm compared to your resting average. She added, "This year things may be a little different, but where your physical responses are concerned, the same principles apply. Many of the telltale physical signs are the same because your hormones are active in both a virtual and face-to-face setting. While we may not be able to physically meet someone, there is good evidence that we’re more likely to mirror someone else’s body language if we’re attracted to them, even on Zoom!"  

Zepp Measurements of Attraction: A Checklist of Your Body’s Response When on A Date

Taking a light-hearted approach to the laws of attraction, people may find the Measurements can help calm first-date nerves, by letting science distinguish between moments of genuine attraction versus the desire to couple up. The indicators include increased heart rate, changes in eye movements and voice, cheek and lip coloration, as well as the condition of our palms. 

Zepp Measurements of Attraction
Zepp Measurements of Attraction

Zepp Measurements of Attraction Infographics*3
: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jxF_cEeLRfj3KZqe8buDZfSMy4yGlX7q?usp=sharing 

The Zepp Measurements of Attraction are social-distance friendly; whether it’s meeting virtually or face-to-face, the indicators of attraction may give you some clues to track your behaviors and take control whether you have a rational or emotional way of thinking. 

Science and Inspirations: Positive Human Connections and Holistic Wellbeing

There is a wealth of evidence highlighting how close bonds are absolutely essential for positive mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. As psychologist Emma Kenny commented, "Falling in love may make people feel that their heart skips a beat. Studies have shown that when we feel safe and secure in relationships, we also tend to benefit from lower heart pressure, and are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety. Love gives us hope and for those who are single, or are beginning new relationships, it is likely that we will feel even more grateful and thankful towards potential and actual new partners they are meeting on and offline. Love makes everything feel better, easier and more exciting, and after the challenges of 2020, love and attraction brings light relief."

Christmas is a time of year that many of us associate with family, friends and fun. Prior to the pandemic, single people would have also been anticipating an exciting festive season where the chance of romance would be ever-present. When individuals feel loved and cherished, they are less likely to engage in destructive relationships or habits, making them more likely to live longer. Human contact, love and connection reminds us of our intrinsic meaning, and helps us feel a sense of value.

A smartwatch cannot determine your choices when starting new relationships, but what is certain is that paying attention to your heart health will put you in a healthier status and in control of your relations with the changing environment.

In 2020, Zepp released two series of smartwatches, the Zepp E and Zepp Z, along with its Global Sleep Report and a personalized lullaby generator (www.zepplullaby.com). With the goal to become everyone’s health partner at every moment, Zepp would like to accompany you on the journey toward a healthier life. 

For the full media kit, please use this link.

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