World’s Fastest Supercomputer to be Used in Researching About Covid-19

Japan’s supercomputer called Fugaku which has been jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, has ranked Number One (1) in the 58th TOP500 list of the world’s supercomputers.

Based on the measurement results published by Fujitsu, the Fugaku system consists of 396 racks (152,064 nodes, approximately 95.6% of the entire system), and the LINPACK performance was 415.53 PFLOPS (petaflops) with the computing efficiency ratio of 80.87%. After performing about 415 quadrillion computations per second, it has completely overpowered last year’s fastest supercomputer, the Summit system by the U.S. Oak Ridge National Library by 2.8 times the speed.

Aside from claiming the top spot at the TOP500 list of the world’s supercomputers, Fugaku has also taken the Number One (1) position in the international ranking High Performance Conjugate Gradient (HPCG).

Both Fujitsu and RIKEN have made separate announcements about this outstanding achievement. Fujitsu published their announcement on June 22, 2020 while RIKEN made its announcement on June 23, 2020.

Where is the Supercomputer Fugaku

The supercomputer Fugaku is installed at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) in Kobe, Japan as of June 23, 2020.

Plans with Supercomputer Fugaku

According to RIKEN, Fugaku is being developed under a national plan to design Japan’s next generation flagship supercomputer and to carry out a wide range of applications that will address high-priority social and scientific issues.

Drug discovery; personalized and preventive medicine; simulations of natural disasters; weather and climate forecasting; energy creation, storage, and use; development of clean energy; new material development; new design and production processes; and elucidation of the fundamental laws and evolution of the universe are be some of what the developers will be trying to achieve with Fugaku.

Supercomputer Fugaku on COVID-19

Aside from the abovementioned plans for the supercomputer Fugaku, its developers are aplso planning on using the technology on researching about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The supercomputer Fugaku is already currently being used for research on COVID-19 on an experimental basis, according to RIKEN.

Included on the COVID-19 research being done with Fugaku are diagnostics, therapeutics, and simulations of the spread of the virus.

The new supercomputer is scheduled to begin full operation in fiscal 2021 (starting in April 2021).

“I hope that the leading-edge IT technology developed for it will contribute to major advances on difficult social challenges such as COVID-19,”

Satoshi Matsuoka, Director, Riken-Center for Computational Science (R-CCS).

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