Wondershare Cares about Consumer Confidence and Builds Deep Connections with Users

As a global leader in the field of digital creativity, Wondershare has always paid attention to users’ behavior and feedback.

VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Believing that consumer confidence can drive products to improve, Wondershare highly values every customers’ opinion and has continuously updated product lines based on user experience and feedback, ultimately making a close connection with them.

Wondershare Cares about Consumer Confidence and Builds Deep Connections with Users
Wondershare Cares about Consumer Confidence and Builds Deep Connections with Users


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, customer experience is transforming fast. Now more than ever, consumers spend more time online and interact with service suppliers 24/7/365. According to research by the American Marketing Association, the conversational marketing platform market will experience stunning growth through 2026.

"As the global environment continues to lean into remote work, the trend pushes every company to transform their digital experiences to address the new customer journey," said Shaan Jahagirdar, Vice President of Wondershare. "The impact between our products and users are a two-way street. No matter the feedback from social media, email, live chat, or other channels, we all listen to and follow up to improve them."

  • Wondershare Follows User Stories and Feedback on Social Media

Key opinion leaders (KOL) have been a popular marketing tool for quite a few years already, but recently a shift from key opinion leader to key opinion consumer (KOC) marketing has become a new trend starting in 2020. Different than KOLs, KOCs are real consumers who decide which product they want to try and review without a huge fan base.

Considering the impact of KOCs, Wondershare was compelled to promote a new marketing attempt in that field, which attracted a lot of users to share their stories about Wondershare products on social media including areas such as daily life, gaming, technology testing, photography, videography, and tutorials.

For example, a 17-year-old boy used Wondershare Filmora to edit "A Day in The Life of a Content Creator" video and published it on his YouTube Channel, which received a lot of praise from other viewers. He replied that these comments greatly encourage him to create more videos through Filmora.

"It’s the most affordable, versatile video editor out there for beginner editors," another user commented for Wondershare Filmora on Twitter. "It isn’t complex for people who want to start making videos and has a friendly user interface."

These online reviews are highly important for other users’ decision-making process. To spread more credible voices and build brand awareness, Wondershare will encourage and support more users to share their own opinions and product reviews with the objective of understanding their feedback on social media.

  • Users Participate in the Improvement of Wondershare Products

On the other hand, Wondershare also concentrated on improving the user experience. This November, Wondershare established a "Wondershare Ambassador" volunteer team in Japan, to help the product to move more in line with the localized market. Those who are interested can apply to participate in either display of software, operation, or new features.

In the first stage, the recruitment team received more than 300 application emails with a lot of attachments such as picture descriptions and video recordings. The feedback contained various aspects from the copyright issues, product use issues, suggestions, and other comments for Wondershare product lines.

So far, there are 40 volunteers who have become ambassadors and keep in touch with the team. The next time the product upgrades, Wondershare can contact them to receive more feedback. Plus, Wondershare will build a deeper cooperation with them, such as helping them become KOCs who can continuously provide optimization suggestions and content regarding products.

Although it has been a tough and challenging year for everyone, there can still be some hope and joy taken from the ordeal. Wondershare cares about product services and user experience. With rapid development, Wondershare will continue to strengthen the tracking of user’s feedback and upgrade products, to blend the humanity of the brand with the creativity of users.

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