Why Blackjack Games Are Popular in the Philippines

Blackjack is a game with long history and tradition. However, it seems that the popularity of this game is growing every year among Philippines players. There are multiple reasons why we have such a situation. Let’s find them out together!


The Number of Legit Blackjack Casinos Is Growing

We have to admit that online technology and the internet have changed the mindset and mentality of people in this country. All the gambling games have become more accessible to all individuals that have a stable WiFi connection. 


Nowadays, not everyone has the chance to run a gambling business. All online casinos need to have a license that confirms their legitimacy, honesty, and professionalism. That is the reason why, almost every day, a new legit blackjack casino appears on the market. By visiting this page, you can find a few of them, find out more about their bonuses, wagering requirements, payment options, etc. 

Keep in mind that Philippine gambling laws are a bit specific. Residents of this country can only play blackjack online in the regulated offshore online casinos that got approval from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. That is another reason to check the list above!


Variety of the Game

Blackjack comes in different forms. People that live here can enjoy different variants of the game which makes things even more interesting. Some of the options that are available to Filipinos are

  • Spanish, American, and European blackjack
  • Single-hand and multi-hand blackjack
  • Super 21, and others. 


Opportunity to Play Game in Real-Time 

One of the options that people in this country have is to play blackjack in traditional casinos across the country. A big number of people decided to move online and enjoy the game from the comfort of their room. But, online blackjack had one problem – it was not realistic. 


Thanks to different software developers, things are now more entertaining as all people from the Philippines can play the games in real-time. Live blackjack is an unskippable option for all the professional offshore casinos that operate on the territory of this country. With this innovation, blackjack has become even more popular in recent years, and the same trend will certainly continue!


High RTP

Generally speaking, one thing is common for all gamblers – they do not want to lose. Losing is part of the gambling journey, but there is a chance to minimize the losses. The best way to do that is to pick gambling games with high RTP. 


That is exactly the reason why blackjack has become popular. All blackjack variants come with extremely high RTP. The theoretical RTP is around 99.5 percent. However, in reality, RTP is somewhere around 95% and above which is a great number! 



To conclude, blackjack is an entertaining and profitable game that can make the free time of many people in the Philippines more interesting. However, don’t allow emotions to take over your mind. Constantly educate yourself about this game and improve your knowledge. Turn all the mistakes you make into valuable lessons. You can even check out our website where we will publish certain articles about gambling in the future! Good luck!



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