What to Expect from Google Pixel 4a

Photo of the Google Pixel 4a from the official Twitter account of Made by Google

Dough Saver and Star Catcher are just some of the many names Google’s new phone, the Google Pixel 4a, goes by. Well, at least Google said so. But why is that? Here Google’s Tweet about some of the features of Pixel 4a which might just briefly explain why.

Few of its very noticeable features which have recently caught the attention of reviewers and those who are patiently waiting to get their hands on it are the following:

Google Pixel 4a has Good Price

Google Pixel 4a has been officially introduced by Google for $349 which is fifty dollars ($50) less than last year’s Pixel 3a.

But you might want to ask, is it worth it? Well those who have already held the phone can best answer such question.

“The best Google experience for way less cash.”

– Android Authority

“This isn’t just a great phone for $350, it’s a great phone—no asterisk required.”

– Android Police

“Even with that aggressive pricing in mind, there’s really no measure by which the Pixel 4a is an exciting phone. But it’s one that will get the job done, which is probably the most we can ask of it.”

– TechCrunch

Google Pixel 4a Comes in One Color

On the review published by Android Authority on August 3, 2020, they’ve made a table separating the Positive and Negative features of the Pixel 4a, and guess what?

Google Pixel 4a having only one color fell into the negative side. But hey, if you’re the kind of person who will, right away, pick black over several other choices, then you’ll love the available color of Google’s new phone.

Here’s how Google answered someone from Twitter who has pointed out the fact that it only comes in one color. Well, Google made a point.

Google Pixel 4a is Basic and Simple

On the recent review by Dieter Bohn of The Verge, he made mention that the the Google Pixel 4a is basic and Android Authority also thinks it’s simple.

The question is, is that basic or simple a compliment? Here’s what they said:

“I would use it. It’s really pretty good. It’s just a little basic. There’s no frills. There’s nothing fancy on it… but there’s no weird software and it’s not too big. This is actually the most basic Android phone that you can get. And there’s nothing wrong with basic.”

– The Verge

“Its hardware is simple and minimalistic, but each individual component helps make Google’s killer software even better.”

– Android Authority

“It was even less flashy than other Pixels, and lacking in horsepower under the hood, but it was custom-built to deliver one of the best and purest Android experiences on the market.”

– TechCrunch

Those are Some of the Things to Expect from Pixel 4a

Of course, it has more to offer such as it actually has a headphone jack. But for more of the features you can check it out at the Google Store.


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