Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Do you think that Vlogging could be your new hobby or could even be your new passion? Then don’t let anything stop you from making your first ever vlog! We’ve listed down the vlogging essentials for beginners that sure could make your future vlogs more interesting and creative. Check out these vlogging equipment for starters that made it to this list and see what else could be missing from your set.

10 Must Have Vlogging Equipment for Starters:

1. Camera

Of course, if you are planning to start a vlog for your YouTube Channel or other social media accounts, you’ll be needing a good camera or camcorder to film your vlog with. For DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the known brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and others could be your go-to brands. However, aside from DSLR and mirrorless cameras, you could also use Action Cameras such as GoPro and Camcorders. 

2. Phones

Phones Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Cameras and camcorders aren’t your only choice of course. Some vloggers prefer to use DSLR camera in making their vlogs, but there are also vloggers who would prefer to shoot their vlog using only their mobile devices. There are already many mobile phones these days that are built with cameras could match or at least come close to the quality of DSLR cameras, so if you’d rather shoot with a lighter and more compact device, phones would sure do the job as well. There are different phone brands out there such as Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and more to choose from.

3. Microphones

Microphones Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Aside from good quality visuals, your vlog must also have a good quality audio. Want your future fans to hear actual voices rather than random rumbling noises and awful statics? You’ll be needing a microphone to achieve such standard. So don’t forget to get yourself a working microphone especially if you’ll be doing your vlog outdoors where there could be random, unnecessary noises every once in awhile. Some of the most common types of microphone vloggers use these days are the On-camera Microphone for their camera and the Smartphone Microphone for their mobile devices. For interview or for hosting your vlog from a decent distance away from your camera, Lavalier Microphones or Lapel Mics could also be your pick. Go aim for that crisp and clear sound for your vlog!

4. Lighting

Ring Light Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Being a beginner at something doesn’t mean that you should actually look like one. You can have your first vlog as though you’re already a pro at it and one of the things that could help to attain such quality is the lighting. For indoor setup for vlogs such as beauty vlogs and tech reviews and unboxing, Ring Lights would do the trick. For outdoor, night time shoot or simply shoot at locations with poor lighting, the Portable LED Lights would be the ideal solution. And for an even more portable lighting, there’s also an even smaller light that you could simply take with you anytime and anytime – a Selfie Light. When vlogging, at least be heard and be seen.

5. Tripod


You’ll also be needing a tripod to take steady videos. Few of the most common types of tripod that vloggers these days use are the Gorilla Pod, Mini Sponge Octopus Tripod, and Long Foldable Tripod.

6. Remote Shutter

Remote Shutter Vlogging Equipment for Starters

When vlogging it’s not necessary that there’s always someone behind the camera to take your photos and videos, right? If you plan to pilot your vlog solo, then don’t forget to get yourself a remote shutter as well. There are Remote Shutter for phones and there are of course for cameras as well.

7. Stabilizer

Stabilizer Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Ever dared to make a video while you’re walking? The shot had been kind of jumpy and has no focus at all wasn’t it? Well, shots as such might not be so pleasing to your viewers since by just staring at your hyper video they might even feel kind of dizzy, and I bet you wouldn’t want that.

Such shaky footages could be avoided with the use of gimbal. So, if you are planning to make vlogs that would involve a lot of motions, camera movements and action, a Camera Gimbal Stabilizer would sure make a great investment. And if you prefer to use your phone instead in almost every vlog that you will be making, you could also settle instead on getting yourself a Phone Gimbal Stabilizer. And guess what, there’s also a stabilizer made for GoPro – the GoPro Karma Grip. Stabilizer is one of the must have Vlogging Equipment for Starters indeed.

8. Selfie Sticks

Selfie Stick Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Selfie sticks could also be used for vlogging for you to be able to get yourself better angles. Different selfie sticks has different features. There are Monopod Selfie Stick with Camera Button, Monopod Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Shutter, Monopod Selfie Stick with Portable Tripod, Monopod Selfie Stick with LED Light, Extendable Handheld Pole Monopod, and there’s even Mini Monopod.

9. Bag for Gadgets


Arm yourself with a camera, phone, microphone, LED light, tripod, remote shutter, gimbal stabilizer, and selfie sticks and I’m pretty sure you’ll be needing a durable Bag for Gadgets to fit and organize all those. And a cable pouch too if you’d want things to be even more sorted out.

10. Backdrop


Not everyone fancy vlogging with a backdrop, but if you would want to try, then go for it. Also, if you are more into making indoor setup vlogs such as beauty vlogs, tech reviews and unboxing, how-to videos, and such, a good backdrop could be a pretty useful vlogging companion for you. And there are also Green Screen backdrops just in case you would want to spice your vlog up even more with special effects.

Bonus: Drone!

Drone Vlogging Equipment for Starters

This isn’t so much of an equipment for starters, but do you want to be more creative with the shots that you will be using for your vlog? Achieve a bird’s-eye view and other creative angles every once in a while with a Drone

Get these Vlogging Equipment for Starters

Where to get these must have Vlogging Equipment for Starters you ask? Almost every vlogging essential that made it to this list could be easily found at Lazada. So feel free to shop for these hassle-free, any time and anywhere. Which of these vlogging essentials is the next one on your checklist? Let us know in the comment section below.

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