Tuya Started the Year with the AI+IoT Business Conference Sharing IoT Insights in Italy and Europe

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The year 2021 started directly with the AI+IoT Business Conference Europe, organized by Tuya Smart, a leading IoT development platform. Instead of a one-day event, it is divided into 10 special events, each with a regional focus. The conference kicked off with Italy on January 19, 2021. With the theme "Italy – Game Breaker for Smart Lighting", it provides outlook and insight into the Italian smart lighting market by the Italian industry leaders.

Inside homes, color lights are emerging as a component of wellness connected to the concept of "human central lighting" defined by the European lighting manufacturers associations. The application fields are small systems, composed of less than 100 units, installed in homes and small commercial environments and offices.

While seeing the increased demand for smart lighting, many companies detect the Italian market as one of the most important markets. For example, for Tuya Smart, Italy is in the top 3 in activation and activated devices in Europe, based on the Tuya platform’s data. During the last couple of years, the IoT sector’s market value has been experiencing steady growth in Italy.

AI+IoT Business Conference — TED-Style Tour Events (Europe | Online) Italy
AI+IoT Business Conference — TED-Style Tour Events (Europe | Online) Italy

IoT Air Sanitizers

Since the advent of COVID-19, Beghelli Group has recently added a family of air sanitizers specifically designed to fight the virus and reduce the spread of the infection. Many models integrate IoT devices based on Wi-Fi communication capability to enable their remote control.

The SanificaAria air sterilizers are special devices using ultraviolet light, which is confined inside the devices, with no possible harm for the users, for the ambient air’s disinfection. The air is conveyed into the disinfection chamber by some fans. All microorganisms are deactivated by the UVC light at 254nm. Each SanificaAria device is Wi-Fi connected by a Tuya radio module to enable its remote control through the IoT platform’s functions.

Lighting as Part of a Complete Ecosystem Solution

Emanuele Monti, Vice General Manager of Kon.El.Co. S.p.A., who has launched the smart home product line "HeySmart" in 2018, detects lighting as a core part of a complete solution, next to video-surveillance and automation. A solution comprehensive of a well-defined and complete ecosystem for the end-user. To do so, the benefit lies in combining different brands of the own-brand family. Now offering almost 50 products, such as cameras, lighting devices such as led strips, and all kinds of bulbs, offer smart plugs, smart multi-plugs, and IR controllers in the automation sector.

And the demand in the smart home category is constantly increasing, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Monti certainly declared that 2020 had been the year in which the HeySmart project has established its position in the market, reaching today over 40,000 registered devices within the App. More than 30,000 only during this year, which are very significant numbers. About 30,000 devices are constantly connected and active. But the smart home market in Italy is just at its beginning, as Monti projected a growth curve, from now to the end of 2021, to reach over 70,000 devices in the market, actively and constantly connected.

For more information: https://www.tuya.com/event/abc/eur 

About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is a leading global IoT development platform with a unique, all-in-one offering of cloud + connectivity + app that makes it easy and affordable for brands, retailers, and OEMs to make their products smart. Tuya’s platform has smart-enabled more than 200,000 products in hundreds of categories worldwide, serving over 230,000 developers globally. Tuya is internationally operated with headquarters in the U.S., Germany, India, Japan, Colombia, and China.

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