“Tribute Fruit” in the Ancient Times Enjoyed by the Commons

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On November 11th, the online shopping festival in China, Deqing Tribute Mandarine, a fruit from China, was shown on the landmark screen of Times Square in New York City, bringing a fruit feast to people around the world, according to Xinhua Screen Media Co., Ltd., who tenants the screen.

Poster themed "Deqing Tribute Mandarines" circulates on a screen at the Times Square.
Poster themed "Deqing Tribute Mandarines" circulates on a screen at the Times Square.

Daniel, who has studied in China for nearly two years, is a great lover of Deqing Tribute Mandarines. "It is difficult to resist the charm of this golden, tender and juicy fruit. Every year when Deqing Tribute Mandarines come on the market, I will go to the supermarket to buy some to eat. They look like oranges, and eat like tangerines. It’s so amazing."

The best Tribute Mandarines in the world grow in Guangdong, and the best Tribute Mandarines in Guangdong grow in Deqing. The hometown of Deqing Tribute Mandarine is in Deqing County, Guangdong Province, China, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Tribute Mandarines". Deqing Tribute Mandarines have both the beauty of oranges and the advantages of tenderness and easy peeling of tangerines. The peel is golden and thin. As soon as it goes into the mouth, the mouth will be filled with sweet aroma. It is praised to be a perfect integration of "external beauty" and "strong strength". It is said that in the Song Dynasty a thousand years ago, Emperor Gaozong was very fond of this fruit from Deqing. So he asked to offer this fruit as a tribute every year, and the name of "Tribute Mandarine" comes from this.

Deqing Tribute Mandarine is regarded as a "treasure" fruit. The pulp contains a variety of vitamins, organic acids, minerals, etc., which can effectively supplement a large amount of water and nutrients required by the human body. Daniel said, "The weather is always very dry in autumn and winter. If I eat one or two Tribute Mandarines, I will feel hydrated all day long."

This year, after an excellent harvest, Deqing Tribute Mandarines will enter Southeast Asia, Europe, America and be enjoyed on tables worldwide. This tribute, which was originally dedicated to the royal family of ancient China, now comes into the lives of common people. Sincerely invite you to have a try.

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Caption: Poster themed "Deqing Tribute Mandarines" circulates on a screen at the Times Square.

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