Toshiba to Showcase Quantum Key Distribution at Singapore’s SupercomputingAsia 2021

SINGAPORE, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Toshiba will be presenting the company’s flagship Quantum Key Distribution cybersecurity solution at SupercomputingAsia conference on 4 March 2021. Mr Taro Shimada, Executive Officer and Corporate Senior Vice President, and Chief Digital Officer, Toshiba Corporation, will share about the challenges and opportunities of quantum key distribution to protect critical information and potentially enable disruptive technologies, giving birth to the quantum internet era.


Toshiba to Showcase Quantum Key Distribution at Singapore's SupercomputingAsia 2021
Toshiba to Showcase Quantum Key Distribution at Singapore’s SupercomputingAsia 2021

With significant advancements in quantum computing and a constant state of data proliferation, complex large-scale computing tasks will accelerate the need to provide real customer value. The digital ecosystem is expected to experience increasing volumes of activities where data is gathered, analyzed and exchanged by a network of organizations to generate insights, applications and services. But against this backdrop, the rise of supercomputing will challenge the security of existing encryption methods, exposing vulnerabilities and security risks in this data-driven world. National governments, financial sectors, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities & infrastructure markets will require a fast, secure and reliable transmission of data to power economies.

Toshiba’s quantum key distribution is a solution to address this imminent need for data protection. Quantum key distribution applies the laws of physics and quantum mechanics to generate an un-hackable crypto algorithm, preventing cyberattacks where cybercriminals steal customer’s data and intellectual property. Using photons of light to physically transfer confidential data between entities, this technology enables safe transfer of information with real time detection of unauthorized attempts to intercept, access or corrupt data.

The quantum key distribution market is expected to grow to approximately $20 billion worldwide in financial year 2035*. Leveraging technological foundations, Toshiba aims to capture approximately 25% of the market (approximately $3 billion) in financial year 2030 by deploying quantum key distribution services in Japan and other countries. Feasibility studies and trial tests are underway to make the quantum key distribution commercially viable.

Toshiba is collaborating with Singapore’s SpeQtral to help governments and enterprises learn, consider, plan and deploy quantum key distribution solutions for quantum secure communication network in Southeast Asia. Singapore has identified cybersecurity as one of the key drivers in accelerating digital transformation. As digital economies emerge from the acceleration of technological adoption, integration of emerging telecommunications infrastructures and deployment of 5G networks, quantum key distribution is an important factor to realize safe data communications.

In Japan, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation has been awarded a contract from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology to deploy and manage the quantum key distribution systems that will be installed at multiple locations on their network. Previously, Toshiba and its partners have demonstrated world’s first development of quantum cryptographic communication technology applied system for genomic medicine.

In the UK, Toshiba Europe Ltd., in collaboration with BT Group plc., has enabled the first industrial deployment of a quantum-secure network between two smart production facilities. In the US, Toshiba has participated in a demonstration by Verizon Communications Inc. in alliance with Quantum Xchange.

Mr Taro Shimada remarked, "We believe that industries including financial, healthcare and manufacturing sectors, will benefit from quantum key distribution to provide ultra-secure communications. High Performance Computing organizations and data centers will also require secure internal networks which carry sensitive data performed by supercomputers remotely to various organizations. This will be more apparent as these industries move towards smarter technologies including artificial intelligence and near-future adoption of quantum computing to support mission critical applications."

As digital dependency and resilience is vital in today’s world, organizations will have to assess enterprises dependence on cryptography and future proof communications for critical assets. Toshiba aims to deliver quantum key distribution which is a vital cornerstone of network security, inevitably contributing to a vibrant landscape to increase efficiency, drive innovation, and enhance real value for customers, clients, and consumers.


* Toshiba’s long term estimates based on short to mid-term estimates by research firms


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