Your laptop… on steroids.

Docking stations just basically turn your notebook work (or gaming) setup to a full-on desktop replacement. Docking stations also allow the expansion of connectivity options for your laptop turning it into a more powerful and versatile work companion.

So here are the specifications you need to keep an eye out when you go shopping for your very first laptop docking station.

For starters, you need to ensure that all the ports and features that you will need come in with the entirety of the package. Equipping your electronic arsenal with a decent docking station, you will have the best of both worlds: a machine that’s on the go and maximizes portability, and has the connectivity and capabilities of a beastly desktop PC.

As for every piece of hardware that circulates around the market, searching for the perfect docking station is not a walk in the park. From a wide arsenal of docking stations that you could probably go for, we hope that this list will enlighten you and give you everything you need to know. And to stay productive, turn your laptop into a jam-packed work station.

1. StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dual-4k Docking Station

2018’s holy grail of docking stations

PORTS: 2 Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, DisplayPort, USB Type A, 2 3.5mm mini jack

PROS: Thunderbolt 3 and plenty of ports

CONS: Will probably break your bank

StarTech claims that their Thunderbolt 3 docking station is the most powerful dock you could opt for. Often, docking stations require multiple cables and switch-ups, but StarTech’s latest launch averts that. The device is built to work with thinner notebooks and uses only one cord (Hooray, cable management!).

As the name states, it can satiate your visual desires because it can support dual 4K displays at a refresh rate of 60hz and harnesses the raw power of Thunderbolt 3, offering 40Gbps bandwidth while keeping convenient switch-ups and portability at hand.

It doesn’t end there! It can be used with up to three USB 3.0 devices and you also get Gigabit Ethernet capability. There’s also the ability to charge while you work, and you benefit from Direct DisplayPort integration. This accessory will give you the damage of 16,909 pesos, which is pretty hefty, but not a bad investment if you’re in the market for a beastly dock.

2. Targus USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Station

Dock while you charge.

Ports: USB 3.0, HDMI, DVI, USB 2.0, 2 3.5mm mini jack

PROS: Every port is USB 3.0 equipped, equipping you with lighting speed connections
CONS: Ethernet cable needs an adaptor

Targus offers this Dual Video Docking Station which won’t break the bank and will give you the bang for your buck! It comes with integrated laptop recharging capabilities that are compatible with most 90W notebooks. So when in the scenario that you’ve forgotten your charger, you’ll be saving yourself a headache with this handy device.

You can work with up to two displays on this dock for maximum productivity, and in terms of ports, you get a pair of speedy USB 3.0 ports, alongside a pair of your standard USB 2.0 connectors, plus two powered USB 2.0 ports, and Gigabit Ethernet. Targus also offers a Multiplexer adaptor which makes this docking station USB-C compatible.

3. Toshiba Dynadock V3.0+

Big name dock

Ports: USB 3.0, DVI, Ethernet port

PROS: The upright device saves you space and it goes out with a good price

CONS: It lacks ports

Toshiba places prominence in their laptop docking stations. The Dynadock V3.0 is one of the firm’s best sellers, and is targeted at consumers that operates with Windows who want to benefit from expansion-wise capabilities.

Like most docking stations nowadays, the Dynadock offers USB 3.0 ports, although more than many as you get four of these here. There is also a DVI connector (with adapters for HDMI or VGA) along with an Ethernet port, and the dock uses one cable connection for ease-of-use and portability and hassle-free management. Because the Dynadock sports an upright design, the compact fit will save you space leaving you with more room to work with.

Time to Level up

Now that you have an idea of what specific docking stations can make things better and easier for you, it’s time for you to choose what among them will fit your work or gaming style. But whatever choice you come up with, we hope you get a totally leveled up experience.

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