The March of the Droids – Android Invades the Philippines

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In the Philippines, affordability is one of the major factor for a Pinoy to purchase a certain product, next to it would be quality and reliability. This may have been the reason why in the latest April 2012 study of GfK a research and analytics firm have shown that smartphones powered by Android operating system have already reached a market share of about 82.2%. According to the research Android powered smartphone users have increased three times since 2011.

The Android OS Effect

The increase in the market share of Android users have caught the attention of the Philippines’ largest network, SMART Communications Inc. According to┬áSmart Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando Vea “Filipinos have spoken and they have chosen Android”. As a result SMART now has the biggest lineup of Android powered devices in their roster of available smartphones for clients to choose from. It is SMART’s goal to partner the Worlds most popular operating system with the most powerful network as only SMART Communications can provide.

The Real Reason For the Android Popularity

As stated above, affordability is the major reason why Android powered devices have increased in popularity in a span on one year. Cheap smartphones are powered by Android however, cheap does not mean that the Operating System nor the device is unreliable. This is where the magic of Android comes in because of the fact that every Android powered device comes with fully reliable features that are also present with its expensive counterparts. Further, with the introduction of Google Jelly Beans Operating System we expect to see an improvement in the interface of Android devices, i am particularly excited with the Project Butter incorporated in the Jelly Beans OS.

See How Fast and Smooth the Jelly Beans OS


There are powerful features that were made available in cheaper phones which are also found in expensive smartphones, one of such feature is the HSPA connectivity. HSPA Internet connectivity allows a user to connect online at a high speed of about 21mbps. However, this could only be possible if the smartphone is connected to a network that has the capability to deliver such high speed internet connection. Fortunately, SMART has about 1500 HSPA sites nationwide which means that when you are connected with SMART you will definitely use your phones’ most powerful feature, the high speed internet connectivity.

Local Development of Android OS

Of course the real power of the Android OS comes from its third party developers, development of application using Android platform has increased over the years and SMART Communications also is encouraging the growth of local application development for the Android thus they have established the SMART Dev Net whose sole purpose is to encourage local development of applications.

Conclusion on Android OS

Smartphone growth in the Market is due to several factors and to recall these are affordability, reliability and continuous support, factors that are present in both Android and SMART.



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