The iOS 6 Conundrum

While waiting for my noodle soup to cook i felt the sudden motivation to blog, so what to blog about? Hmmm… I know…currently i am blogging using my iPhone 4s, im trying out the iphone wordpress app. Apple recently revealed their iPhone 5 and unfortunately i did not get that excited feeling i got before when they released the iphone 4s.
Along with the release was the launch of Apples latest operating system the iOS 6, i made the mistake of upgrading my 4s’ OS. I noticed a lot of changes and sadly some if not most of those changes are negative ones.
First, Apple threw away Google Maps and released their own version. I really dont have any problem with it if werent for the inaccuracy of the maps…unlike when it was using google maps my current home now is located in the forest. Map accuracy is very important for me because i use it whenever i travel out of town blame it on my inability to ask directions…that is what maps are for right?
Next…what happened to my games?! My favorite ea sports game which i bought via the App store is now in slow motion…gaahh its the only game that i play and now every character move has a high latency and its even an offline game!
Last time i checked when a software gets a higher version number it means it is an upgrade in the case of the iOS 6, i think it is the opposite. So its either iOS 6 gets an update soon or they release the Upgrade known as the iOS 5.
Apple why oh why do you give us iOS problems


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