Taoglas Continues to Trailblaze in 5G Technology With Innovative Range of 5G NR Antennas, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, and Adaptors for Korean Market

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Taoglas®, the global leader of advanced antenna designs and next-generation IoT solutions, today put the spotlight on its industry-leading portfolio of 5G new radio (NR) antennas, for both sub 6GHz and mmWave frequencies, alongside its new range of high-frequency, 5G NR mmWave cable assemblies, connectors, and adaptors. Customers can order from this innovative range of mmWave products today and they will be shipped within 24-48 hours*. 

"Taoglas is thrilled to spotlight our industry-leading portfolio of 5G new radio (NR) antennas, alongside our new range of high-frequency, cable assemblies, connectors, and adaptors to the exciting Korean 5G mmWave market," said Michael Chang, APAC VP of Sales, Taoglas. "The 5G NR market is a crucial part of building out 5G networks globally. Taoglas is at the forefront of delivering crucial RF components and services, utilizing its deep understanding of cellular and 5G complexity and optimized antenna design to overcome the challenges commonly associated with the development of 5G sub 6GHz and newer mmWave technologies."

The challenging part of the 5G market for designers is designing systems for the mmW spectrum, such as gateways, CPEs and other mobile devices. Even though high throughput speeds are promised at this frequency, it is difficult to manage the amount of RF loss present, the lack of distance and material penetration by radio waves in this spectrum. The cost of components and materials are also an order of magnitude higher than sub 6GHz systems.

Taoglas has expertly designed the KHA16.24C, which is a 4×4 antenna array with integrated beamformer RFICs to provide full amplitude and phase control across the 16 elements comprising the array. Created for use in 5G mmWave systems and capable of integration with existing and new 5G radio architectures, it operates from 26.5GHz to 29.5GHz. Additionally, Taoglas has created the 5G NR KSF.410, an industry-first 5G mmWave beam-steering antenna targeting frequency bands 27.5GHz to 28.35GHz.

The diversity of applications such as high-speed communications, satellite communications, military, and aerospace, alongside the ever-changing demands for higher-frequency test systems mean coaxial cable assembly has increased in design, testing and assembly complexity. The specification requirements around performance for test cables extend beyond the tight tolerance typically required for lab performance to a wider range of 5G applications. In response to this, Taoglas is proud to introduce its industry first, competitively priced, MCA series of high-quality cable assemblies. Terminated by a 2.92(M) connector, as standard, these assemblies are an ideal solution for applications with demands of up to either 26.5GHz or 40GHz. Both types of cables are available in configurations between 152mm (6?) and 915mm (36?). 

To allow for complete compatibility with end use-cases, Taoglas has a complementary series of connectors and adaptors, which are all cross-mateable to other industry standard connectors, including SMA(F), SMP(F), 2.4(F) and 2.92(F) connectors. These connectors and adaptors support DC of up to 40GHz frequencies, while exhibiting low VSWR and low RF leakage. The connectors are precision engineered from high-quality materials and undergo stringent reliability testing to provide superior reliability for the most demanding of 5G mmWave applications.

Taoglas is proud to spotlight:

5G NR mmWave Smart Antenna Subsystem – covering the 26.5-29.5 GHz band, the product KHA16.24C can support both infrastructure and OEMs’ integration projects and is ideal for small cells, repeaters and customer-premises equipment designs.

5G mmWave Beam-steering Antenna – targeting frequency bands 27.5GHz to 28.35GHz,  the product  KSF410.A  is an industry-first, 5G mmWave beam-steering antenna with a sixteen-element linear phased array.

5G mmWave Cable Assemblies – Taoglas has developed a range of reliable and low loss cable assemblies. With frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz they have low VSWR and low RF Leakage. For configurations not listed on Taoglas.com, Taoglas can also provide solutions based on customer specific requirements and have the capabilities to customise 5G mmWave cable assembly solutions. For further information contact Michael Chang, APAC VP of Sales on E: [email protected] 

5G mmWave Connectors and Adapters – To complement the range of 2.92mm Male mmWave Cable assemblies, Taoglas are offering 2.92mm coaxial connectors and adaptors compatible with 40GHz configurations. These connectors and adaptors are expertly designed to ensure that the pin and socket will not see excessive wear and mating stress seen by misalignment in other SMA connectors.

To find out more about Taoglas’ trailblazing developments in 5G mmWave antenna technology visit https://www.taoglas.com/product-category/5g_antennas/mmwave/


*Shipping time may vary depending on volume and other variables.

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