Users of SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite-Internet Service Impressed with Its Speed!

Some users of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite have recently unveiled the how fast the internet service is. Through Reddit, the users expressed how impressed they were with its speed.

In a Reddit Starlink community (r/Starlink) where you can find news, images, videos, and discussions related to Starlink, the SpaceX satellite internet constellation; the “List of Confirmed Starlink Speed Tests” is posted by u/Smoke-away.

In the said list compiled by Reddit’s Starlink community, it is stated that the fastest download speed so far is 208.63 Mbps which was recorded in Seattle, WA in November.

Source: Reddit, r/Starlink, by u/Smoke-away

Based on the list, many users who reported speeds for November said that they were getting download speeds faster than 150 Mbps. You can check out the compilation of speeds here.

Furthermore, a user from northern US even told Business Insider that their Starlink internet speed averages 20 Mbps faster in the colder air at 12 degrees fahrenheit.

“I’ve been getting about 175 Mbps download average this morning, whereas it has been around 150-160 before.”

– A Starlink User from northern US

However, according to Business Insider, there are also reports that say that the internet service is slowing down when heavy snow starts to fall on top of the terminal.

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Source: Business Insider, Reddit| Starlink

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