Sourceability Global Distribution Agreement with Nexperia Broadens Sourcengine’s Component Offerings

Sourcengine Digital Marketplace Makes Nexperia Available for Factory-direct E-commerce Purchase

MIAMI, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sourcengine, the electronic component industry’s leading e-commerce marketplace, today announced that it is making components from Nexperia, the expert in essential semiconductors, available worldwide. This hugely beneficial strategic partnership leverages Sourceability’s new global distribution agreement with Nexperia to further grow Sourcengine’s ability to offer purchasers in-demand, top-quality parts while expanding their insight into the components market. Meanwhile, Nexperia broadens its pool of buyers by increasing the digital availability of its product set via a marketplace that is redefining the future of purchasing and procurement.

Sourcengine Digital Marketplace Makes Nexperia Available for Factory-direct E-commerce Purchase
Sourcengine Digital Marketplace Makes Nexperia Available for Factory-direct E-commerce Purchase

"Sourcengine and Sourceability will be great partners for us as manufacturers increasingly look to make their procurement process more digital," said John Chang, Head of Global Distribution at Nexperia. "Sourcengine is a driving force in making that possible and, as an organization focused on innovation ourselves, we see them as kindred spirits. Sourcengine’s work is creating a new, simplified purchase path for those building our components into the next world-changing designs."

Sourcengine aims to empower electronic component purchasers with e-commerce functionality that provides new market insights and streamlines purchasing and procurement. Nexperia plays a massive role in achieving this goal as its components are always in top demand among purchasers and manufacturers across the globe. Nexperia products are key to meeting customer demand and understanding the global components marketplace, and Sourcengine’s global footprint enables it to deliver Nexperia parts to buyers worldwide.

"Semiconductors are some of the world’s most sought-after products today, and Nexperia produces some of the very best," said Christian Meier, Managing Director, Germany, at Sourcengine. "By selling Nexperia products on our platform, we broaden our users’ ability to source industry-leading components digitally while gaining insight into the widest possible breadth of parts that match their unique needs."

As part of its efforts to evolve component procurement to a marketplace standard, Sourcengine has built a number of tools simplify the purchasing process for the electronics industry:

  • BOM (Bill of Materials) Tool allows any user to upload a parts list, receive instant quotes from thousands of traceable suppliers, and make a purchase all in one place. While anyone can use the BOM Tool, user registration unlocks its full capacity, including the ability to get quotes for up to 4,000 line items.
  • Quote It RFQ tool that leverages the negotiation power and expertise of Sourcengine experts to find additional stock and better pricing.
  • Integration of the BOM and Quote It tools allows users to send select quotes returned via the BOM Tool to Quote It for additional negotiation.
  • Quantity Multiplier function simplifies the purchasing process for user personas such as engineers and NPI buyers by allowing them to upload BOMs which are curated to account for the same part numbers being used more than one time on the design board.

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is the electronic component industry’s leading e-commerce marketplace helping the world’s largest OEMs and suppliers source, negotiate and purchase on one platform. It is powered by more than 3,000 suppliers, 550 million+ parts, billions of datapoints and unmatched quality assurance and traceability, which allows Sourcengine to remove the biggest barriers holding the supply chain from the digital age. Sourcengine is backed by Sourceability, a global technology company transforming the way businesses bring products to market through a digitalized supply chain.

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