Sony Unveils AirPeak, World’s Smallest Drone to Carry Alpha Camera System

The Japanese tech company Sony Corporation (Sony) has recently unveiled a camera-carrying video drone they call the AirPeak. The drone was showcased by the company at the CES 2021 as part of its drone project in the area of AI robotics.

“Today, we would like to introduce a new product integrating AI and robotics, designed for adventurous creators,” Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, Kenichiro Yoshida, announced through a video. The said product is no other than their drone AirPeak.

“AirPeak enables video creators to explore new frontiers for visual expression. With Sony’s Alpha camera, stable, dynamic remote shooting is possible,” Yoshida added. “Creators have unlimited potential to capture stunning images from above. AirPeak transforms the skies into an infinite creative playground.”

Here is one of the most recent tweet from the official Twitter account of Sony, featuring their latest product.

The Sony Airpeak

  • The world’s smallest drone capable to carry Alpha camera system
  • It can be equipped with the Alpha mirrorless camera
  • The Airpeak is capable of dynamic filming and precise, stable flight

The aim of the Sony Airpeak is to make contribution to the world of entertainment while pursuing “new possibilities for creative expression.”

Watch Sony Airpeak in Action

Sony has also released an over one minute long video showing some shots taken by Airpeak. “This is a behind-the-scenes video of VISION-S’s road test in Austria, shot by Airpeak,” stated the company.

According to Sony, Airpeak was equipped with the ?7S III full-frame mirrorless single lens camera for the shoot.

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