SNS Instagram marketing: No fruitful outcome without systematic data analysis

Seenamon, a service from Featuring Corp. is an Instagram analysis service for influencers and marketers

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As people are spending more time on digital devices and digital contents are becoming as far-reaching as TV media, the SNS marketing market is growing in size, along with the Instagram influencer market.

SNS Instagram marketing: No fruitful outcome without systematic data analysis
SNS Instagram marketing: No fruitful outcome without systematic data analysis

Amid a sharp increase in consumption of SNS contents, companies are changing their marketing activities, especially in Instagram marketing and advertisements. Companies that attempted to enhance their brand power with celebrities in the past are now aggressively seeking ways to promote their brands with Instagram influencers.

Under such circumstance, many people are diving into the influencer market, which means a low entry barrier and far fiercer competition. Accordingly, systematic data analysis and strategy establishment are essential to achieve an actual and significant fruitful outcome from individual activities.

Various solutions have been developed to help normal people easily analyze their SNS accounts and establish strategies. The process of analyzing data, current position and future direction is important, not only to those who step into the influencer market, but also to the existing influencers.

Featuring Corp. has released an SNS account analysis manager service, Seenamon. It is an assistant analysis service to help users grow their accounts and increase their influence, targeting Korea, Japan and English-speaking countries. Approximately 1,000 influencers signed up within just one month from the initiation of the service and are increasing their account influence.

The service can provide a report of SNS account influence change and guideline every day when it is synced with a mobile messenger. The report is sent with an alarm message at 7 p.m., showing the influence of account and posting, and change in followers at a glance.

In addition, it provides an insight on various topics such as followers’ favorite contents types, most popular contents, unpopular contents, most responsive time zone, etc. Such insight is also useful for companies running an SNS account for promotional purposes, as well as individual influencers.

"Instagram marketing has been in place for a long time, but many people are still running their accounts without data analysis or strategy. Seenamon is an easy analysis tool for anyone who’s interested in Instagram marketing such as influencers, normal users and brand companies", Seenamon said.


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