SKG launches its new F5 massage gun with hot compress

Portable, lightweight massage device, with embedded heating function make this the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SKG, an award-winning high-tech company specialized in developing massage devices, today announced the launch of its new massage gun, the F5 portable, lightweight massage device with embedded heating function. The F5 percussion massager, specifically designed for female, is the latest addition to SKG’s growing portfolio of massage devices designed for customers of various lifestyles and activity levels. This beautifully designed massage tool helps to target problem areas that are hard to reach and to aid the improvement of muscle inflammation and tension with deep muscle release. 

SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun
SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun

Massage is undoubtedly beneficial for people with varying activity levels due to the technology-driven lifestyle. On top of that, a range of present factors mean that effective muscle relaxation has never been more important: the financial and emotional tolls of the pandemic are severe, and hastily designed home offices lacking ergonomic rigor are the norm. Thus, offering a relaxing at-home massage to one’s significant other with the F5 massage gun will undoubtedly be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea for girlfriend or wife in lockdown.

SKG has a strong track record of building products that enhance relaxation, ease muscle tension and promote recovery. The company prioritizes design and customer experience. It has over 400 of patents on the market and the F5 is their latest iteration of this rich tradition. It’s a wonderful, on-the-go tool for recovery post exercise, alleviating muscle tension or simple relaxation.

"We designed the F5 to be beautiful looking and effective, but we really think its lightweight is the major differentiation," said Jack Liu, CEO of SKG. "It’s small enough to fit in a purse and to be used whenever and wherever it’s needed."

Highlights of the F5 include:

  • Look: The F5 is beautifully designed with a stylish pistol-shape, satin finish and gradient light. 
  • Portability: While massage guns are great after a sweat session, they shouldn’t be a workout to carry. The F5 weighs only 0.66 lbs – less than half the weight of the Theragun Mini – and can be carried anywhere. The handle of the product is designed to give customers an easy to hold grip.
  • First ever built in heat compress: In addition to the percussion therapy offered via the massage gun the F5 contains a heating mechanism embedded in the bottom of the gun’s handle to help loosen muscles. It has three levels of temperature 40, 48 and 53 degrees Celsius, and marks a first time ever that this feature is embedded in a device of this nature.
  • Noise and performance: Its 5V brushless motor and high-quality bearing allow for an almost silent massage, with three frequency levels of up to 3200 rpm and noise level lower than 45dB.

"While all our products go through rigorous testing and iterations, the F5 is perfectly aligned with both modern life’s hectic pace and the unique challenges COVID has brought. We created it to help our customers better cope with the challenges and improve their healthier lifestyles," said Liu.

The F5 massage gun is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $136. To elevate customer experience, SKG not only provides quality in-house customer service and but also supports options after purchase.

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About SKG

Founded in 2007, SKG is a high-tech R&D company specialized in developing massage devices. SKG combines the best of fashion and technology, and packs everything great into beautifully-designed massage products that enable healthier lifestyle. SKG’s products have received recognition from the international design community, including the Red Dot Design Award and IF Design Award. In a modern world of fast living and full of stress, SKG is committed to delivering health and relaxation products that help people live healthier, longer and better lives. 

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