Sharp Goes Back To Basics With Their Easy Smart TV Collection

Innovation and creativity lead to the development of more products that seemingly solve day to day problems. Although this is good, it also paved the way for lots of other things that prove to be detrimental to our overall well-being. While living a modern life means having to be updated with the latest technology, we ask ourselves which technology?

The proliferation of technology also means the proliferation of positive and useless technology. Innovation has its two sides, the development of useful technologies and the development of technologies that might need some more work before actually releasing to the public, but was released anyway.

The effect of having too many options does not only confuse us, it also increases our stress level and learning curve. As a result, we are pressed for time. A gadget or even an appliance that are incorporated with thousands of different features might look cool at first, however, you will realize that in the long run, you have just bought something with thousands of features which you really wouldn’t use. It is like subscribing to a cable provider for 100 channels but it ends up with you only watching one channel.

Sometimes, focusing only on improving the bare necessities and developing only those that are essential to the function of a product of technology are the only things needed. This is what SHARP did, by going back to basics, they developed a new line of Smart TV through their Easy Smart TV Collection.

To simplify, the SHARP Easy Smart TV Collection were developed to include only the basic apps by default. Apps like the web browser, YouTube, and Netflix. Should you find such apps to be lacking, you can still download the other apps that you need.

Smart TV’s nowadays have so many features that it sometimes lose its primary function, that is to watch your favorite show. The SHARP Easy Smart TV collection improved what is essential to the function of the television and that is the picture or resolution quality. The TV included in the Easy Smart Collection have been developed to include the 4K Ultra HD or a Full HD resolution. To give you the best possible quality of images as you watch your favorite show.

Indeed, too many features take away the primary purpose to which a device is made, in this case, SHARP actually focused on improving what is essential to users of Smart TV. Making this basic changes a truly cutting-edge development.


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