Ritase Digitizing Container Services in Tanjung Priok

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the renewal of the national logistics ecosystem or National Logistic Ecosystem launched by President Jokowi, Ritase, is a pioneer in digitizing logistics in Indonesia that continues to make innovations for its stakeholders. Most recently, Ritase finished developing an integrated Trucking Haulage System with NPCT 1, one of the largest container terminal companies in Tanjung Priok, which can handle more than 1.5 million containers per year.

Suppliers & distributors can use Ritase platform as container & trucking order system.
Suppliers & distributors can use Ritase platform as container & trucking order system.

With a total of more than 300 transporters and 15,000 connected drivers, the Ritase application can serve online requests from trucks to enter and exit the port. This system will increase productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, this digital activity is also safer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as all processes are integrated online and in real time.

"Ritase is ready to provide full support to all business players in Tanjung Priok, especially NPCT1 terminal users. Our system is integrated with ECON, NPCT1’s terminal online billing system, making it possible to access all processes on one platform. This is a breakthrough that will be able to shorten the process for NPCT1 shippers or consignees with traffic reaching more than 15,000 containers per week," said Ritase’s CEO & Founder, Iman Kusnadi. The booking process can be done through retail.ritase.com after registering a personal or company NPWP, an administrative requirement required by NPCT1. Ritase makes it easy for shippers who won’t have to bother with troublesome export and import processes anymore because everything is integrated with the Ritase application.

This system allows NPCT1 customers to access various services ranging from truck order management, real time track & trace containers, to E-document management (NPCT1 Gatepass). NPCT1 customers also have online digital access to customs clearance, payments and transactions with the terminal to pick up shipments or send containers to NPCT1, without having to travel to different offices to process or access multiple platforms.

Quoted from NPCT1’s press release on 6th January 2021, NPCT1 director Hudadi sees a good opportunity in this collaboration. "This collaborative resource also has a unique opportunity to explore and implement processes and further technological improvements. Our goal is to support global and regional sustainability as well as digital and physical connectivity, to offer the best current and future customer services and reliability," he said.

In addition to digitizing trucking haulage to the port in Tanjung Priok, Ritase offers B2B digital logistic ecosystems such as Marketplace, Software as a Service (SaaS), Supply Chain Financing, Retail, Business Innovation Solution to digital wallets for drivers. Currently Ritase serves national as well as multinational clients from various industries.

Visit www.ritase.com to join the most comprehensive B2B digital logistics ecosystem in Indonesia.

About Ritase

Established in 2018, Ritase is an Indonesian startup company that focuses on the B2B digital logistics ecosystem. Ritase uses a cloud-based platform enabling shippers and truck drivers to process shipments through logistics planning software with automation, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Ritase provides unique experiences and opportunities to reduce the number of empty trucks, increase transparency, cut waiting time, enable efficiency using transportation management software, supply chain financing, e-commerce, and the trucking marketplace.

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