PwC HK & HKBNES Team Up to Defend SMEs from Ransomware

Industry-leading assessment identifies vulnerabilities in 24 hours

HONG KONG, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As companies scramble to take their operations online in the new normal, they also risk exposing critical data and infrastructure to cyberattacks. And while companies of all sizes are being targeted, SMEs are especially vulnerable due to a relative lack of IT resources. Understanding the importance of early detection, PwC Hong Kong and HKBN Enterprise Solutions ("HKBNES") have joined hands to launch an internationally recognised, enterprise-grade Anti-Ransomware Assessment service. For an affordable fee, SMEs can now enjoy state-of-the-art information security assessment in as fast as 24 hours*, and be informed of any vulnerabilities across their outward-facing services.

Anti-Ransomware Assessment brings world-leading network and information security expertise in a single-use service of HK$5,000 per instance. The quick and comprehensive assessment informs businesses about the network health status of their outward-facing services, lists known and potential vulnerabilities, and prioritises them by risk levels for proactive rectification. The professional information security experts at HKBNES will then follow up with strategic recommendations or best-fit solutions to promptly remedy identified ransomware vulnerabilities or lay-down preventive measures, ensuring all-around company network security.

Danny Li, HKBN Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer said, "In today’s digital era, cybersecurity is a basic need rather than a privilege for some. With cyberthreats lying in wait 24/7, all it takes is one open vulnerability to result in tens of thousands, even millions, in damages. Our game-changing joint solution with PwC Hong Kong gives all businesses, including SMEs, a quick ‘health-check’ to pinpoint vulnerabilities, all done as fast as 24 hours and at just HK$5,000. With our detailed report in hand, our specialist information security team will then tailor a solution for our customers for maximum value protection, deploying best-fit products as they need them."

PwC Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Privacy Partner Kok Tin Gan said, "PwC offers industry leading cybersecurity solutions. We are excited to team up with HKBNES and extend the globally recognised cybersecurity suite of advanced offerings to the local SMEs of all industries. As both companies share a common mission to solve important problems, I am confident that PwC and HKBNES will continue to help SMEs tackle operational challenges and stop ransomware attacks before they happen."

To learn more about HKBNES’s cybersecurity solutions, visit  or contact us by email  [email protected] or hotline 128 1111.

HKBNES and PwC Hong Kong will also host a free virtual seminar, featuring key industry experts, on 29 July 2021 to share insights on future cybersecurity trends, defensive tactics and real-life cyberthreat case studies. Sign up online at:

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Danny Li (on left), Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer with Terry Fa, Co-Owner & e-Security Business Director of HKBN shared the launch of the Anti-Ransomware Assessment service by PwC Hong Kong and HKBNES for SMEs.
Danny Li (on left), Co-Owner & Chief Technology Officer with Terry Fa, Co-Owner & e-Security Business Director of HKBN shared the launch of the Anti-Ransomware Assessment service by PwC Hong Kong and HKBNES for SMEs.

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