Philippines Extends SIM Card Registration Deadline by 90 Days

SIM Card Registration in The Philippines Extended for 90-days

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Crispin Remulla recently announced a 90-day extension of the SIM card registration deadline in the Philippines. Initially set for April 26, 2023, the extension provides SIM card holders additional time to register their cards before facing deactivation. The new deadline, falling 90 days from April 26, 2023, aims to provide ample time for the public to comply with the mandatory registration requirements as set in REPUBLIC ACT NO. 11934 or the ACT REQUIRING THE REGISTRATION OF SUBSCRIBER IDENTITY MODULE.

The Extension

On the cusp of the initial deadline, the DOJ acknowledged that many Filipinos had yet to complete the registration process. In response, Secretary Crispin Remulla announced the 90-day extension, giving the public more time to avoid deactivation of their SIM cards. Counting 90 days the new deadline should be on July 25, 2023, however, this is a developing story and we will wait for the announcement of the exact date. This decision aims to ensure that all SIM card holders have ample time to register their cards, thereby maintaining uninterrupted mobile communication services across the nation.

What SIM Card Holders Need to Do

Filipino SIM card holders should take advantage of the extended deadline and complete their registration as soon as possible. They should follow the guidelines set by their respective mobile service providers and provide the necessary documentation, such as a valid government-issued ID and other personal information. Registering before the new deadline will prevent SIM card deactivation and ensure uninterrupted mobile services.


The 90-day extension of the SIM card registration deadline in the Philippines comes as a relief for many Filipinos who have yet to complete the process. With the new deadline set, SIM card holders have additional time to comply with the mandatory registration requirements, avoid deactivation, and continue using their mobile communication services seamlessly.





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