Petal Search brings Fresh New Advances MWC 2022 for Developers and Consumers alike

Petal Search brings search engine innovation and growth to elevate user experiences globally

BARCELONA, Spain, March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MWC 2022 returns this year once again, with Petal Search bringing a slew of fresh advances and showcasing them on the conference flour. With its ever-growing ecosystem, and immersive AR search experience, Petal Search brings the latest to MWC. As of December 31, 2021, Petal Search has been launched in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, supports more than 70 languages, has more than 100 million cumulative users.

Working with partners globally, Petal Search innovates to bring search to the next level with the showcase of AR search at MWC 2022 through the AR Glasses, showcasing the search engine’s flourishing ecosystem and the progress made together with its partners.

An Immersive AR Glass Experience Greets You at the Petal Search Booth

The AR Glasses – showcased at MWC – combines Petal Search’s capabilities with cutting-edge AI technology to identify multiple scenarios, allowing users to quickly identify landmarks in front of them (for example, the famed Sagrada Familia in Barcelona) and much more through voice commands, offering a world of encyclopaedic knowledge once you put them on.

Petal Search launched the Petal Vision AR version, which focuses on multi-modal search. This version enables the real-time identification of attractions, animals, plants, and commodities, and displays encyclopaedias, and similar contents for each identification result. The text recognition and translation capabilities of Petal Search also support real-time image translation to solve language problems – a feature especially useful for travellers.

At the Petal Search Booth, attendees were able to witness the capabilities of AR Search first-hand and performing exciting operations on AR glasses to experience functions such as recognition, content search, and real-time translation.

Petal Search’s Ecosystem Continues to Thrive

Petal Search’s thriving ecosystem, boosted by rapid development and collaboration with various partners, has made progress in leaps and bounds to delight users with the experience of "One Search for Everything". With its latest updates, Petal Search aims to build an all-category ecosystem, allowing its users to perform just one search to find everything they need. Currently, Petal Search covers over 20 vertical domains, including news, apps, shopping, travel, local services, pan-entertainment, and more.  

The search engine’s growth trajectory has been impressive and shows no signs of slowing down. Petal Search also holds the impressive achievement of falling within the Top 5 Mobile Search Engines in more than 25 countries.

The three specialised ecosystem platforms, Petal Merchant Center, Petal Travel Center and Business Connect provides businesses with the services they need, enabling merchants to list their offerings to consumers, be it restaurant location and opening times, products online for e-commerce purchase, or the latest hotel and flight offerings to boost visibility via search, as well as bringing convenience to consumers to easier access.

Recently, Omio, the world’s leading multi-modal transportation platform, has formed a strategic partnership with Huawei to integrate Omio Search API into Petal Search and Petal Maps, enabling access to Omio’s portfolio of 1000+ providers, meaning Huawei users can easily discover and compare multi-modal transport options – train, bus, plane and ferry – in a convenient way, across Petal Search and Petal Maps.

Petal Search Forges Meaningful Partnerships for Continuous Innovation

Petal Search aggregates information from across 20 verticals and works with over 3,000 business partners from various industries to curate a search experience populated with high-quality content and services, with partnership with leading service providers such as AliExpress, trivago and Omio.

Petal Search’s Business Cooperation Model is designed to create value for its partners. Huawei’s Joint Operations Process is an extremely effective way for partners to quickly increase their product exposure and boost revenue. Its ALL-IN strategy utilises a full portfolio of Huawei’s marketing resources to give its partners tailor-made solutions. For instance, with a deep understanding of various local markets, the Petal Search team conducts joint end-to-end operations with its partners targeted at popular events around the globe, helping them maximise high quality traffic and achieve business growth with various targeted marketing activities.

End-to-End Business Corporation Model for Petal Search
End-to-End Business Corporation Model for Petal Search

Under the Joint Operations Process, Petal Search provides comprehensive advertising, operational resources, and development resources, as well as flexible business models with operation slot sales offered by country and category in package mode.

Hundreds of partners have already seen the benefits of collaborating with Petal Search, experiencing large sales increases as a result of Petal Search’s exclusive seasonal campaigns, with strong support from Huawei’s local operations teams.

Petal Search’s Black Friday Campaign in the EU spanned across 10 countries, with over 50 partners onboard, saw its partners’ gross merchandising value (tracked across a 7 day average) soar by a stellar 500% as compared before the campaign, a remarkable improvement. (Date source – Petal Search)

Moreover, as travel recovers, Petal Search is also working to promote its partners in the industry with dedicated campaigns and more. The travel campaign launched with its top partners – including trivago. Featured offers from participating global brands, diverting traffic to the websites of Petal Search’s partners, who saw a stunning revenue growth, a testament to how Petal Search helps businesses thrive.

With a variety of new advances in-store and showcased at MWC 2022, be prepared to see Petal Search’s enhanced capabilities in full bloom this year!

Here is the direct link to download Petal Search.

Petal Search Mobile Version
Petal Search Mobile Version



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