Pantum Launches Facebook Campaign Inviting Indian Users to List Down Favourite Features of the Bestselling Printers

ZHUHAI, China, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aiming to optimize user experience for Indian customers, Pantum has launched a social media campaign on the Pantum India Facebook page to invite Indian users to list out their three most beloved features of Pantum M6502NW laser printer and M7102DW multi-function laser printer (MFP). Almost two thousand platform users shared and engaged with the post within days, and here is the round-up of their thoughts about which features have made the two printers the ideal printing solutions for enterprise and home office setup:

M6502NW – a compact three-in-one printer suitable for small business and home

With Pantum one-step driver installation, users can enjoy the simplest way to instantly set up and connect the printer to a computer with just one click. For the fans of Pantum M6502NW laser printer, the versatile connectivity and streamlined setup steps have made it a great working companion in both business and home scenarios. It features intelligent connection mode which enables users to automatically identify the nearby printers via Pantum App. Users can also connect the printer to multiple computers through Wi-Fi or network.

Coming in at a cost-effective price, Pantum M6502NW’s powerful functionality packed in a compact design takes its place as the second most favourite feature cited by its users. Capable of scanning, photocopying and printing, the affordable three-in-one laser printer is designed to maximize productivity for the start-up and home office while offering a more space-saving printing solution.

The high-performance and efficiency of Pantum M6502NW have also opened up more possibilities for the users who have to work from home during the pandemic. With a monthly page volume of up to 2,000 pages and the rate of 22 pages per minute, the printer is more than capable of handling whatever you might need to throw at it.

Pantum M6502NW Multifunction Laser Printer
Pantum M6502NW Multifunction Laser Printer

M7102DW – a perfect budget MFP printer that corporate users are looking for

For corporate users who are looking for a budget multi-function laser printer (MFP) with maximum features, Pantum’s fans might tell them that M7102DW is an unmissable choice. The all-in-one printer sports a clean and professional look and operates without noise and heating problem. But the most mentioned feature that has made this device hard to beat as an MFP printer at this price point is automatic duplex printing, also known as double-siding printing, an ideal function for the companies that wish to keep the operational costs down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For businesses demanding high-productivity and fast workflow, printers equipped with incredible print speed and convenient operation are highly sought-after, and M7102DW has made its reputation among users for these two features. The MFP printer comes with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that can scan up to 24 A4 pages per minutes and copies 33 pages per minutes, meeting the daily printing need of medium and large enterprises.

Pantum M7102DW Multifunction Laser Printer
Pantum M7102DW Multifunction Laser Printer

"At this unprecedented time, we have seen a drastic shift to remote working, and the technology remains a critical assistant helping people adapt to this challenge. Through this campaign, we are so glad that our India users on Facebook once again reminded us that Pantum’s technology continues to make a difference for them in adjusting to this difficulty," said Mr. Abhra Das, Pantum India Sales Head.

"With the pandemic continue to escalate around the world, we are striving to create more powerful and affordable printing solutions in a hope to enable everyone to easily set up their working and learning space at home during this global health crisis," he added

About Pantum

Founded in 2010, Pantum is a printer manufacturer, with its business covering printers, printing materials, and printing solutions and services. In 2011, Pantum began its overseas expansion with current global footprints in more than 50 countries. With its patented technology, Pantum is committed to meeting the evolving printing needs by offering economical, user-friendly, and energy-efficient products as well as reliable printing solutions. Today, Pantum is now also bringing greater value to Indian customers through its cost-effective products, premium services.

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