NPR Shows Can Now be Streamed Worldwide on Spotify

Starting yesterday, December 16, 2020, some National Public Radio (NPR) podcasts can now be heard globally on Spotify after a deal was approved by the streaming-audio company and NPR. The deal allowed Spotify to distribute the content of NPR worldwide.

“This distribution deal between Spotify and NPR will allow us to distribute NPR’s content globally on Spotify, bringing NPR’s beloved podcasts to a global audience of 320 million Spotify users. “


NPR is an independent, nonprofit media organization that was founded on a mission to create a more informed public. 

In 2018, selected podcast catalogs of NPR were already available to stream on Spotify in the US.

“In 2018 we announced that U.S. fans of NPR would also be able to stream select NPR shows on Spotify, making NPR’s offerings available in one convenient place.”


Top 5 Most Popular NPR Shows on Spotify

These five NPR podcasts are the most popular on Spotify:

  • NPR News Now
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Up First
  • Short Wave
  • Planet Money

List of NPR Podcasts

Now, the following NPR shows can be now be streamed on Spotify by listeners outside the US.

  • Wow in the World
  • 1A
  • Ask Me Another
  • Believed
  • The Best of Car Talk
  • Code Switch
  • Consider This from NPR
  • Embedded
  • Here and Now
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz
  • Invisibilia
  • Life Kit
  • Louder Than A Riot
  • No Compromise
  • NPR News Now
  • The NPR Politics Podcast
  • Planet Money
  • Radio Ambulante
  • Rough Translation
  • Short Wave
  • StoryCorps
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Throughline
  • Up First
  • Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!
  • White Lies

Source: Spotify, NPR


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