Nothing OS 1.5.4 Rollout Boosts the Performance of the Nothing Phone.

Nothing Phone OS

Hey there tech enthusiasts! The latest update for the Nothing Phone (1) is making its way around the globe, and it’s packed with performance and battery life improvements that you’ll want to get your hands on. This update, known as Nothing OS 1.5.4, is about 119 MB and will be rolled out in stages. So, depending on where you’re located, you might not receive it immediately, but don’t worry – a broader rollout usually follows after a few days.

Here are some of the cool new features and improvements that come with Nothing OS 1.5.4:

  1. Send Feedback: You can now share your thoughts on Nothing OS by going to “Settings > System > Feedback.” Your feedback will help the company keep improving its software.
  2. Better Battery Life: The update reduces standby power consumption by optimizing 4G/5G network switching.
  3. Enhanced Bluetooth: Quick Settings now offers faster access to paired devices, making Bluetooth functions smoother.
  4. QR Code Transactions: Scanning UPI QR codes is now more seamless, as you can do it directly through the camera app and choose a payment app to complete the transaction (only available in select regions).
  5. Improved Fingerprint Unlock: The fingerprint pattern unlocking experience is now optimized for better performance.
  6. Smooth Pop-up Animations: Pop-up view animations are now more fluid, providing a better user experience.
  7. Google Safety Center Integration: The Google Safety Center is now a part of the OS, making your phone even safer.
  8. NDot Cyrillic Font Support: This update expands font support for languages such as Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian.

Besides these new features, the update also resolves several issues like freezing during pop-up view, errors during face unlock setup, and delayed incoming call notifications. Moreover, it improves the notification display in Quick Settings and photo timestamp accuracy.

But that’s not all! The Nothing Phone (1) is also set to receive Android 14 Beta 1 in the coming weeks. This means that, aside from Google Pixel devices, the Nothing Phone (1) will be among the first Android devices to get early access to Android 14.

So, keep an eye on your phone’s update notifications! To check if the update is available, head over to Settings > System > System update. Happy updating!





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