Nota to present at ‘Arm AI Tech Talk,’ ‘NetsPresso’ trial version to be released

– Introduces ‘NetsPresso’, an automatic AI model compression platform, at Arm AI Tech Talks

– Recruits testers for the NetsPresso trial version before the official releasing

SEOUL, South Korea, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nota, a provider of automatic AI model compression platforms, will be presenting at Arm’s AI Virtual Tech Talk on June 22 (PST).

Display of NetsPresso trial version
Display of NetsPresso trial version

Arm Virtual Tech Talks are hosted by Arm AI partner companies covering the latest AI trends, technologies, and best practices. Nota, the first Korean company to participate in the talks, joined the Arm AI Partner Program last year. Nota will be introducing NetsPresso, an automatic AI model compression platform, during the talk.

NetsPresso is an automatic AI model compression platform that effectively compresses complex AI neural networks into lightweight models. Unlike costly and time-consuming conventional technology, this platform performs 100% automatic compression, creating a lightweight model in a short time without requiring the services of a professional engineer. Furthermore, it provides a lightweight model optimized for the target device, maximizing compression rates while maintaining the same accuracy as the existing model.

Nota plans to give an early access for the NetsPresso trial version to a select set of customers and partners upon hosting this virtual tech talk. The NetsPresso trial version will be provided to only selected applicants and the application should be submitted by June 29. For more details, please visit Nota’s website and its official SNS account.

Participants will be able to plug and play with NetsPresso for a week. The trial version will perform compression and optimization of the input model using various compression methods. NetsPresso improves the model performance including latency for the target device through compression and outputs the actual lightweight model that can be directly downloaded for testing.

"We are giving an early access for NetsPresso trial version to users before its official release, so that we can make sure that the final release version meets customers’ expectations," said Myungsu Chae, Nota’s CEO. "It will be a good opportunity for others to experience AI model compression through the NetsPresso trial version."

Nota provides various AI model compression solutions in construction, mobility, security, healthcare, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) by leveraging its in-house compression technology. Last year, it successfully secured 10 billion KRW in Series A funding. In addition, NVIDIA invited Nota to join its prestigious Metropolis Program and selected Nota’s ITS solution as a success case study during GTC21.

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