NanoFixIt: The Worlds First Invisible Screen Protector


Nanofixit is one of the world’s first liquid screen protectors. The new generation of Cellphone and Tablet screen protector completely replacing any traditional plastic screen protector.


One of the big problems when iPhone 6 came out was that nobody really knew the size of the phone so nobody could produce any screen protector for it and actually for around 2 months there was no protector for it in the market.

This will be a more and more common problem on the fast growing, fast relasing electronics of the future and there is a need for a “one size fits all” solution.

This is where NanoFixIt comes into play.

Besides being a completely transparant protection this geeky new nano liquid has sevral other benefit too.

Here are the Top 7 benefits of Nanofixit:

  • It makes your phone more than 10 times more scratch resistant!
    Actually under tests we did we could not scratch it with even a razor blade and difinitively not with the traditional keys and coins we have in our pockets.
  • The colors on the screen become more vidid and clearer.
    With a plastic protector your screen becomes dull and unclear. The Nanofixit product really makes your screen crystal clear.
  • The phone becomes water resistant.
    So anything you spill on the glass just runs off it.
  • It has an anti-bacterial feature so bacteria does not stick to your phone .
    When you wash your hands you do it to clean your hand from bacteria and then you touch your phone, the most bacteria infected item you have in your ownership. The days of having bacteria on the glass you put on your face to talk to your misses are over.
  • It increased the megapixels on your phones camera with up to 50%.
    Under tests the camera becomes cleared and brighter and works better in the dark as the nano coating creates a filter on the camera that actually works capuring the light better.
  • Your finger slides smoother on the screen and works faster.
    Plastic on the screen will make your screen less responsive and now there is no plastic hindering your touch on the screen any longer.
  • One size fits all.
    When you buy a bottle of Nanofixit you can use it for much more than that single Cellphone. You can also use it for your Tablet, your other family members phones and even your sunglasses.
    So that’s it!

Nanofixit is really a product that works.

To know more about the product or become a reseller please contact the company on their website

Have fun.

How About a Demo For NanoFixIt?


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