Mobile Legends Beginner’s Guide

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Mobile Legends

Surely you’ve heard of the game. I mean who hasn’t? That’s right, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang took the mobile gaming world by storm in the year 2016 when it’s been released by Moonton, and it still is continuously establishing its name to more and more aspiring top players all over the globe.

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, photo of the newest fighter hero - Dyrroth

If you’re one of the many who would like to be on top of the game or simply would want to try playing out of curiosity, here are some tips and tricks for us newbies.

Where to start?

For a quick introduction, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type of game which involves other players. Battling side by side and against other players around the globe is the gist of this game. 

A screenshot of the game Mobile Legends from Google Play Store, the game's icon, tittle and description

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang is free to download at Google Play and App Store, so getting the game on your mobile device wouldn’t be a problem. Also, if you’re familiar with the PC games such as DOTA and LOL, starting anew on this game would be a piece of cake but if not, then this would be a whole new exciting experience for you, which wouldn’t be very complicated after you have read this blog.

The game, like any other games out there, will welcome you with a tutorial so you’ll learn as you play on, but as a heads up, we’ll be going through the game’s feature as early as now.

Mobile Legends Game Modes as of 2019

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, different ML game modes

There are 6 battle modes all in all – CLASSIC, RANK, BRAWL, VS A.I., CUSTOM, and SURVIVAL. Each game mode has a different set of rules that you should be mindful of, but all demands a strong internet connection that would keep you from committing unintentional game violations.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Games 5v5


A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, Classic mode, running ML heroes

I know that being a first time player of Mobile Legends could be so exciting, but before you go through other Mobile Legend game modes, you have to start with the Classic. Playing Classic could serve as your training before you set foot to more challenging battles. Classic game mode is one of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Games 5v5, Player VS Player, battle which will take place in a three-lane map. Play casually with other players without losing anything if you happen to end up in the losing side.


A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, Elite III Rank

This game mode is very similar to Classic, except you will have to fight for your Rank. Be on the winning side and get a chance to be promoted, otherwise your Rank could get demoted. This why you might want to practice in the Classic mode first before moving on to other modes. Give your all when engaging to this mode or suffer the consequences of demoted rank.


This one is also very interesting because unlike Classic and Rank where you get to run around the map in three lanes, the Brawl mode would trap you, your teammates, and your opponents without anywhere else to go but onward. Yes, one lane it is! Go head to head against your foes with this 5 VS 5, Player VS Player mode.

Mobile Legend Bang Bang Game 3v96


A screenshot from the game mobile legends. a photo of Survival mode arena and game map

If you think that 5 VS 5 is already the definition of a real deal challenge, well you clearly haven’t heard yet about how the Survival mode works. From the usual one team versus the other, Survival mode is where one team should survive against 33 other teams. Each team has three members each. The map is a lot bigger than the one being used at Classic mode which, of course, makes this mode extra chaotic in an exciting way.

Mobile Legend Bang Bang Game Players VS A.I


A screenshot from the game mobile legends, VS A.I. Mode

This is a Mobile Legend Bang Bang Game – 5 Players VS 5 AI. You may invite other players to join you into battling AI opponents or you may also play this with random players. It’s up to you.


A screenshot from the game mobile legends, Custom Mode

Just like VS.AI, Custom mode will let you battle against AI, but in this mode it’s not necessary for you to have teammates to be able to start a match. You can play on your own against one up to five AI.

Mobile Legends Heroes

At the moment, there are already 83 existing heroes to choose from in Mobile Legends and most probably, there will be more to come. Those heroes are divided into six Roles which will make it at least a bit easier for you to choose which hero would be the first one you’ll prefer to master. We’ll be going through all of them for you to be able to easily find your bias before you even start playing the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Tank heroes can often be seen in the front line. They are the first ones to face the opponents because they can handle great sum of damage.Tank-type heroes are expected to have high durability, but may vary on performance with regards their Offense, Ability Effects, and Difficulty.  Protect the fragile ones from your team and take down your foes shoulder to shoulder.

Tank heroes as of 2019: Balmond, Tigreal, Hilda, Akai, Franco, Minotaur, Lolita, Johnson, Gatotkaca, Grock, Hylos, Uranus, Belerick, Khufra, and Esmeralda.


Fighter heroes are the ones expected to be the physical melee attackers. They dish out greater deal of damage compared to other heroes. They might not be as sturdy as the Tank Heroes but they could handle an opponent or two (or even more in some cases) at once on their own. 

Fighter Heroes as of 2019: Balmond, Zilong, Hilda, Sun, Lapu-Lapu, Alucard, Bane, Freya, Chou, Alpha, Ruby, Roger, Argus, Jawhead, Martis, Kaja, Aldous, Leomord, Thamuz, Minsitthar, Badang, Guinevere, Terizla, and Dyrroth.


Assassin heroes are the ones who aim for nothing less than a kill! Yeah, of all the heroes, they are the one who can dish out high damage toward their opponent. They may sound like the perfect hero, however every hero has a weakness; their  Durability, for example, is their greatest downfall. Kill fast or be killed – that’s how they work solo.

Assassin Heroes as of 2019: Saber, Zilong, Lapu-Lapu, Hanzo, Alucard, Karina, Fanny, Hayabusa, Natalia, Lancelot, Helcurt, Lesley, Gusion, and Selena.


They fight from a decent distance and they are decently durable as well. They may or may not join the Tank types, Fighter types, and Assassin types in the front line. They usually surge right into the enemies and run back to a safer ground after landing a damage. Close-combat heroes are usually their worst nightmare.

Marksman Heroes as of 2019: Miya, Layla, Hanabi, Bruno, Clint, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Roger, Karrie, Irithel, Lesley, Claude, Kimmy, and Granger.


Mage heroes are, well, magical. No surprise on that. They usually keep a decent distance from their opponents and fire away whatever magic they have. They are the ones usually standing their ground behind their more sturdy teammates like the Tank types and Fighter types to help on dealing damage to the opponents.

Mage Heroes as of 2019: Alice, Nana, Euroda, Zhask, Karina, Gord, Kagura, Cyclops, Aurora, Vexana, Harley, Odette, Pharsa, Gusion, Valir, Chang’e, Selena, Vale, Lunox, Kimmy, Harith, Kadita, Faramis, Guinevere, and Esmeralda.


Support heroes bring the best out of their teammates by staying behind them most of the time. They can either heal their teammates, or slow down and stun their foes. They aren’t much threat to completely not threatening at all on their own, but they are vital to a battle when along-side offensive allies.

Support Heroes as of 2019: Nana, Rafaela, Minotaur, Lolita, Estes, Diggie, Angela, Kaja, and Faramis.

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, photo of the hero Miya and the chapter 1 of her story

There are a lot of heroes to choose from with their own unique capabilities, but it would be best to master at least one to three heroes first before you start collecting and start to master them all. Plus, with the fact that every single character has their own background story, you might want to focus on a few heroes first and unlock new chapters in their story to be able to improve your mastery and gain rewards.

Choose your Emblem Sets

Once you’ve already tried out the different roles of heroes and already figured out which ones you prefer to embody in the battlefield, then you’re set to take the next move – choosing your Emblem Sets. Emblems will boost your heroes, but you have to choose the right emblem set that will compliment your heroes role in order to gain more benefit from it. Look below your screen, and among the choices below, tap Preparation to monitor, Unlock and Upgrade your Emblem Sets.

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, a photo of different emblem sets

There are 9 existing Emblem Sets to choose from at this point – Physical, Tank, Mage, Fighter, Magic, Jungle, Assassin, Support, and Marksman. You can unlock your chosen first four for free and the remaining five can be unlocked by using either Magic Dust or Diamond. So for starters, choose wisely.

Familiarize yourself with your Battle Spells

There are 12 existing Battle Spells as of the moment. Battle Spells can help you in the battlefield. Before a match starts, you get seconds to choose your hero, switch skin, choose Emblem Set, and of course set your preferred Battle Spell. Execute, Retribution, Inspire, Sprint, Heal, Aegis, Petrify, Purify, Track, Flicker, Arrival, and Vengeance are the current spells there are to choose from. 

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, a photo of different game spells

Check out the lower portion of your screen, tap Preparation > tap Spells> and you’ll see which ones you’ve already unlocked. Tap each spell to read their description so that you’ll be able to use the right one that will compliment your hero and your battle style.

Setup your profile

This isn’t your social media account, but as far as I know, your Mobile Legends gamer profile is already comparable to a social media account. Here’s why:

Customizable profile

Screenshot of a Mobile Legends profile

You can change your profile picture, state (description), name, gender, country (flag), and even your displayed achievements depending on your liking. Sounds like a common social media profile, right? However, in your Mobile Legends profile, you can only change the major details once a week.

We all get a Personal Album

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, photo of the personal album

Just like what I said, your Mobile Legends profile is already comparable to a social media account. You can now also upload photos on your profile, aside from your profile picture, which are visible to other players. But no, you can’t just upload loads of it just yet, since photo slots are still limited to four. Two slots are free to use and the other two can be unlocked with Starlight Membership or by Diamonds which, you know, will require real money to gain.

Thumbs Up!

If you can like, heart, or react to photos posted in social media, well in Mobile Legends you can now give other players’ Personal Album a Thumbs Up!

Socialize within the game

Battling along-side and against other players isn’t the only way to greet your fellow gamers. You can check their profiles and follow them as you wish. 

Gain In-game Friends

When you follow a person and he follows you back you already got yourself an In-game friend whom you can team up with and chat with from time to time. Your friendlist is at the right part of your screen and notice the small icons just below the list of your friends. There are three icons: Social – you can see all of your existing friends and followers here, Add Friends – you can search either the name or ID of the player who you would want to add on your friend list, and the Group where you can join and create your group.

Chat with random players

Interact with other players not just after a match. There’s an icon that says “All” by the lower left corner of your screen which will display the Public Chat once tapped. There are players outside your friends list who you can talk to simply hang around the Public Chat. You can tap their profile icon to view or follow their profile. 

Don’t forget to claim your rewards

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, photos of different game rewards

The rewards system is one of the coolest things Mobile Legends has to offer. The free chest is my personal favorite; I mean, you’ll do nothing but wait to reap your reward with this one. The free chests are awarded every 4 hours and can stack up the maximum two chest for unlocking. Imagine not playing for a day and still get a lil’ something! Other rewards can be acquired from the Medal Chest, Daily Quests, and event. There are loads of rewards from the game that you will be surprised upon receiving one you didn’t even work hard for.

Customize your gaming experience

If the default graphics, language, controls, and the other gameplay settings aren’t designed as you want them to, do know that you can customize on Settings. The Setting can be found by the upper right portion of your screen, just beside the mail icon. Tap Setting and you can see three more choices: Basics, Controls, and Interface. 

Under Basics, you’ll be able to customize the following: Graphics, Sound, Chat Settings, and Network settings

Under Controls, you’ll be able to customize the following: Aiming Method, Targeting Method, Advance Controls Mode, Skill Level-Up Settings, Build Purchase Setting, Movement Wheel Setup, and Camera Movement Settings

Under Interface, you’ll be able to customize the following: Order of Heroes and Sharing

Language, Network Detection & Resource Check, Update Setting, and Quit Game can also be found under Settings in general.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang New Update

So, what’s new as of the moment?

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, new update - new hero

A new hero came out just this June 25, 2019 and by his looks alone, I already knew he’d be my new favorite. The Mobile Legends Bang Bang New Update unveiled The Prince of the Abyss – Dyrroth who falls under the Role of a Fighter.

Of all the latest updates, this one is my favorite, but for other updates and upcoming updates about the game, you may check out Mobile Legends Bang Bang at Google Play or check out their official Facebook Page.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Overall Verdict

I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now and here are my personal say about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Hope you get something from it.


The gameplay can only be as smooth and as fast as your internet connection would be honest. Most of the battle modes, especially Rank, are very exciting since there are just lots of things to either lose or gain upon setting foot on the arena. But then again, once your internet connection acts up, consider your game kind of ruined – you may either get violations, get reported by your teammates, miss out a lot during the match, and possible completely miss the battle which could lead you to a diminishing Credit Score. Imagine playing Rank and *poof* your internet connection goes. I can feel the rage.

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, photo of different game violations such as AFK Behaviors

Putting the internet connection aside, the game is great, no doubt. From all the game modes and heroes to choose from, it’s highly unlikely to get bored with this game.


A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, standard quality photo of the hero Dyrroth
A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, High Definition photo of the hero Dyrroth

Both the 2D and 3D visuals look fantastic. See to it that you’ve successfully downloaded all the game resources needed though, because if not, the heroes will lack details, which strips off their supposedly awesome overall appearance. 


Heroes’ voices are actually kind of entertaining especially during battle. The background music and sound effects are also good, although I rarely play with the volume up. 


I got friends from other multiplayer games and it’s just fun to be able to keep them in Mobile Legends as well. It’s also easy to monitor who are currently online and who aren’t. Notifications regarding new followers are also helpful.

Reward System

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, a photo of a gift

Mobile Legends is simply just too generous when it comes to handing rewards, which definitely not a bad thing. I like how I get rewards without even engaging to at least one battle. 

Welcome to Mobile Legends

A screenshot from the game Mobile Legends, a photo of the hero Dyrroth and game a victory icon

I’ve already covered quite a lot of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features, but believe me, there are still tons left for you to discover. So start your journey now and mark your name in the Leaderboads. 

Link to Google Play download 


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