Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 2021 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners Successfully Ended

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ‘2021 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners’ was held for a month from November 19 to December 18 by the the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Food Promotion Institute. A total of 989 participants from about 70 different countries participated in the contest. Their participation brought in a high video submission that totals to 1,088.

2021 Korean Food Video Contest
2021 Korean Food Video Contest

In contrast, more winners were selected for the ‘2021 Korean Food Video Contest for Foreigners’ and the contest period was increased to one month accordingly. The prize money also doubled to USD 134,000 to fit its status for its second time running.

The promotional video featuring senior actor Kim Young-ok, the Korean motherly figure who appeared in numerous drama shows including Squid Game, and popular TikTok influencer Chambo, recorded a total of 200,000 views.

In addition, the contest was also promoted via online foreigner communities such as ‘KOREANERS’ and cultural centers of each country to increase the participation rate of the contest.

The 2021 contest was largely divided into two categories: ‘Cooking video that makes use of kimchi and Korean sauces (Cookbang)’ and ‘Video showing participants enjoying Korean Food (Mukbang)’

Under cookbang, which recorded about 70% of the video submissions, mainly featured Korean food such as kimchi stew and soybean paste stew or a fusion menu which uses Kimchi in the foreign food. Under mukbang, videos of diverse themes featuring Korean food like pork belly and kimchi stew that can be easily eaten overseas were submitted.

The results of the contest was announced on December 28 via the contest homepage. After the first evaluation of video views and the second internal and external evaluations, a total of 48 mukbangs and 48 cookbangs were shortlisted. Cookbang and Mukbang were divided into influencer with more than 500 followers and non influencer categories. A total of USD 81,000 was prize money was given for cookbang. A total of USD53,000 was prize money was given for mukbang.


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