Meet Amber X, the Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud, Capable of Protecting Your Data

A photo of the Amber X: The Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud and a smartphone
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Amber X is a device that can not only store but also protect your data

Got too many photos or videos stored in your phone that it has already taken up most of your storage, but you don’t want to delete it? Or do you have an entire loads of important files and digital documents you never wanted to get rid of?

For these kinds of problem, a solution has been long made, and it is obviously storing your data somewhere else.

Google, Microsoft and iCloud are among the known names when it comes to providing many people worldwide an accessible storage. However, these already have a long history of violating user privacy.

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Source: Team Amber

So, if you’re given the chance to store your date somewhere else safer and more secure, would you take it?

If your answer is yes, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about this new innovation called Amber X: The Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud which can set you free from third-party storage networks.

Amber X: The Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud

Amber X is the first consumer product by LatticeWork, a company founded by Dr. Pantas Sutardja, co-founder and former CTO of Marvell Technology Group. The headquarters of LatticeWork is in Silicon Valley.

A photo of the founder of LatticeWork
Source: Team Amber

Leading experts in cloud and data storage technologies developed the device, a secure hub for all your photos, videos and files. With Amber X you will be able to store your data locally and access it from anywhere.

Wondering what make this product safe and secure and how can it protect your data and privacy?

Well, no one but you can see your data, not even the Amber team. This smart personal cloud device will give you complete control over your data and who sees it.

“Amber X is supported by our own private back-end cloud, known as AmberCloud,” explained Team Amber. “Powered by our own distributed cloud service infrastructure, AmberCloud gives users a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) connection.”

After all, Protecting Data Privacy is among LatticeWork’s three core values for Amber X, alongside with Making Information Accessible and Creating Lasting Impacts.

“Never sacrifice privacy for storage space again.”

– Team Amber
A photo which features Amber X: The Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud, a camera, and a laptop
Source: Team Amber

And guess what? Although most of cloud storage companies offer a minimal amount of free space then charge fees for additional monthly storage, Amber X isn’t one of them. Monthly storage subscriptions? “No thanks!” said the team.

Amber X has more to offer and below are some of the additional details you might also want to know. Currently, there’s a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Amber X.

A photo showing more features of Amber X: The Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud

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Source: Indiegogo| Team Amber| Amber X

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