Longsys Launches DDR5 Memory and Publicizes Test Data

SHENZHEN, China, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Longsys Electronics launches the Longsys DDR5 memory module (ES1). The company has done so in order to keep up with the development of storage technologies, to meet expectations from industry professionals and users regarding future product technology development, and to provide more possibilities for the future of storage industry applications. Moreover, Longsys’ FORESEE, a technical storage brand, and Lexar, a storage brand for high-end consumer goods, will also provide strong support in their main areas of application.

Longsys DDR5 memory module
Longsys DDR5 memory module

The newly-launched DDR5 involves the prototypes of two new architecture products: the 1Rank x8, and the 2Rank x8 standard PC Unbuffered DIMM 288PIN On-die-ECC. Compared with DDR4, DDR5 boasts significantly improved function and performance.

Product Series






Design Reference

JEDEC R/C A 0.50

JEDEC R/C B 0.51

Design Architecture

1Rank x8 / 288PIN

2Rank x8 / 288PIN





CL 40

CL 40




Operating Temperature

0? ~ +95?

0? ~ +95?

Storage Temperature

-55? ~ +100?

-55? ~ +100?

DRAM Density



PCB Layout

8 Layer

8 Layer

PCB Size

133.35 * 31.25 * 1.27 mm

133.35 * 31.25 * 1.27 mm

Comprehensive data testing illustrates stable and superior performance

After years of concentrated accumulation, Longsys DRAM R&D took the lead when it came to investing in new-generation DDR5 product testing technologies. Select test data has been unveiled to the public for the first time. The test that is presented utilized the development board of the Intel AlderLake-S ADP-S CRB and memory module of the Longsys DDR5 32GB in Windows 10 Pro x64 OS. The actual DDR5 data is shown in two pieces of widely known software: Ludashi and AIDA64.

(BIOS indicates that the DDR5 new architecture adopts two completely independent 32-bit channels.)

1. Ludashi test data

The hardware configuration is presented, and the memory is identified as Longsys.

In the Ludashi test, the Longsys DDR5 32GB obtained a score of over 190,000

2. AIDA64 test data The test allocates scores for the read/write/copy/latency performance of the Longsys DDR5 32GB.

To highlight the improvement in performance, DDR4 test data is provided for comparison. The data shows that performance from the Longsys DDR5 has improved by leaps and bounds.


Longsys DDR5

Longsys DDR4

Hoisting Capacity




















Core indicators reveal the power of new Longsys DDR5 technology

Added error correction capability

In addition to optimizing the DRAM kernel computing capability of the DDR5, Longsys DDR5 adds built-in error correction code (ECC) to fully implement data error correction, further enhance data integrity, relieve the burden posed by system error correction, and make full use of the efficient DRAM read/write mechanism.

Added 16n prefetch mode

By using the DDR4 as a foundation, the BL16 doubles the memory concurrency of the Longsys DDR5 to both fully and efficiently transmit data. This DDR5 DIMM architecture adopts two completely independent 32-bit channels to both improve concurrency and double available memory channels in the system.

Strengthened end-to-end receiving mode

DQ/DQS/DM continue to use the ODT function in the application of new DDR5 technology. Added CA and CS signals also use ODT. As a result, Longsys DDR5 memory further reduces the reflection interference effect of signal pulses, producing a purer signal transmission.

Double DDR5 Bank Groups

DDR5 memory doubles the number of Bank Groups, and keeps the number of Banks in each Group unchanged. Longsys DDR5 BG provides less access latency, doubles overall system efficiency, and allows more pages to be opened simultaneously.

SAME-BANK Refresh mode

In accordance with the standard, Longsys DDR5 has actualized a new feature: SAME-BANK Refresh (synchronous refresh). This command can refresh one Bank in each BG while simultaneously keeping all other Banks open to continue normal operation.

FORESEE DDR5 memory module (ES1)

The continuous innovation and advancement of future application scenarios will impose more stringent requirements on storage technologies, as well as greatly accelerate the DDR5 development process. Mainstream platforms are rapidly pushing for DDR5 support. Reports show that Intel is expected to launch a platform supporting DDR5 in the third quarter of this year. The forces driving the DRAM memory market to upgrade to DDR5 come from professional applications that have a high demand for bandwidth. Servers, cloud computing, data centers, and high-performance computers are expected to be key application fields for deployment. This iteration will provide industry customers with superior memory solutions.

Lexar DDR5 memory module (ES1)

With a large amount of global capital entering the e-sports market, the e-sports industry has matured and become increasingly popular. Players are therefore in pursuit of better performance when it comes to computer accessories such as memory. The emergence of Lexar DDR5 will not only provides e-sports players with a smoother gaming experience, but also drive the sustainable development of the e-sports industry. Lexar DDR5 can also improve office efficiency and leave white-collar users with more time to create, especially designers, editors, and other occupations.


Although Longsys was late in the game with our memory product line, thanks to our 20 plus years of technical experience in the storage industry and our determination to create high-quality storage products, we have become ever more courageous along our technological innovation journey. As of March 12, 2021, Longsys has applied for a total of 838 patents, including 178 overseas patent applications; 411 authorized and maintained valid patents, including 83 overseas authorized and maintained valid patents; 65 software copyrights. Longsys attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property, while simultaneously maintaining a firm grip on independent innovation.

This year, the Longsys memory product line will continue improving and providing both DDR5 product specifications and technical services in order to help industry customers and end users invest in DDR5 in future application scenarios, thus giving some flair to the storage ecosystem.



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