Linkdood Announces iCallBOX, the Leading Portable Security Solution for Work or Home

The groundbreaking device uses the latest 2.0 technology to revolutionize data privacy and communication security in cyberspace.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With COVID-19 making work-from-home a permanent mainstay in our daily lives, data protection is ever more critical. To safeguard personal data, Linkdood has built an efficient portable device that integrates and channels private online conversations incorporated with cybersecurity capabilities – the LiNKDOOD iCallBOX ®.

iCallBOX by Linkdood for securing data privacy and conversations from malicious activities.
iCallBOX by Linkdood for securing data privacy and conversations from malicious activities.

Data protection and safety are essential. Last year, credentials of more than 500,000 accounts on teleconferencing platforms were put up for sale on the dark web. Furthermore, COVID-19-related scams targeting sensitive, personal, financial, and medical information are on the rise. With escalated data privacy concerns, even something as simple as connecting to the internet can be risky. On a public server, information like IP addresses can be accessed by others connected to it, making individuals and corporate entities vulnerable to cybercriminals trying to intercept data.

With the iCallBOX ®, all personal chats, audio files, video files, messages, documents, and photos are protected. This top-of-the-line solution is a hardware version of the Linkdood Communication Platform (LCP) launched in April 2021. This remote office platform allows users to control their core servers in a secure, customizable way. Even better, the chat function does not use public servers, unlike other messaging platforms, providing personal data with an extra layer of security.

The iCallBOX ® augments the LCP, securing the privacy of stored data and conversations from malicious activities.

Simply plug it in and switch it on to connect to the internet. The iCallBOX ® even works with personal mobile phone, desktop, and other electronic devices. This hassle-free, portable, and easy-to-move device is the world’s number one in secure communication privacy.

To ensure maximum data protection and safety for the family, iCallBOX ® does not store user data on external servers and leaves no backdoor for malicious actors to protect against hacking or data breach," said Richard Yi, Chief Operation Officer of Linkdood.

Powerful Features to Maximize Personal Communication Privacy

LCP ushers in a new era of safety and privacy using the latest 2.0 technology. With end-to-end three-terminal encryption and five-dimensional protection made with the DDIO Development Platform, LCP offers individuals complete control over their data and privacy and prevents third parties from analyzing, intercepting, or stealing data.

As the only server of its kind, the iCallBOX’s ® privacy settings are customizable. Individuals users can use it for personal data, while larger organizations and businesses can benefit from insuring their data & important pieces of information.

On top of protecting personal & private information, the iCallBOX ® also has multiple features that optimize the personal data management experience. Users can utilize the "self-destruct" message function, which deletes messages once they are read and make full use of its powerful audio and video conference functions. Furthermore, the iCallBOX ® is flexible and compact (25cm x 19cm x 5cm), and effortless to install.

Data privacy and safety can be secured with the affordable iCallBOX ®, starting at the mere price of USD 19.95 per user per year. The iCallBOX ® is available now for purchase at Amazon.

iCallBOX Brochure

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About Linkdood

First established in April 2014, LINKDOOD TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD is an information technology corporation specializing in data security management. With its team of cybersecurity experts, Linkdood creates solutions for the information security industry, ranging from behavior control, desktop security management, and data security management to instant messaging, network access, and email audit. The Malaysia-based company also develops smart city infrastructure, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.


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