Life in Outer Space Proven By Adsense


Well before you start to get excited let me just douse you with cold water, this is another of Google’s prank for April Fools Day! I’m sure your newsfeeds, timelines and what not are filled with untrustworthy news. Well here’s one to add to your collection of today’s April fools news. Let me just get things clear, this post is totally honest, what Google did was not ;-).

Google Adsense Prank

If you are a Google adsense user login today to your account and you will see a new feature, that is, a top planets and moons statistics. Basically it replaced your top countries stats on Google Adsense because apparently Google’s ads are also now being displayed in outer space.

The Google Adsense April Fools Prank

Google Adsense What If

The question is what if there really is life beyond our planet and they too are connected to the internet and Google’s display ads are also showing up in their search results and display network? Then bloggers would have more potential revenue, but how do you find a niche for those in outer space? What would interest them? For now these are questions that we will have to ask ourselves if and when that really happens, at present the Planets and Moons statistics is just a plain April Fools prank from the creative people at Google and that’s just one of them, so enjoy a prank filled day and lets go with it and have a fun day!


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