Less Worries, More Confidence: OPPO Support Is Here for You

SHENZHEN, China, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since May 19, OPPO has launched a Trustworthy Campaign in more than 20 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Algeria, etc. It will not only release a set of data about OPPO service but also hold some activities with special gifts for users in some regions. The campaign aims to show what kind of efforts OPPO has made to provide users reliability and assurance with the trustworthy services listed below.

Less Worries, More Confidence: OPPO Support Is Here for You
Less Worries, More Confidence: OPPO Support Is Here for You

For travelers

International Warranty Service: OPPO has taken the lead to launch IWS; and for designated devices, you can enjoy warranty, repair and software upgrade services at authorized service centers in over 59 countries/regions.

For self-service within your reach

1)  Live Chat/Service Hotline: OPPO users can now chat with service specialists at the official website, when you have any issues from setting up to enquiry on new products. Not a fan of live chat can also find answers through service hotline.

2)  Website FAQs: For general queries, you can check out FAQs on the official website.  

3)  Service E-mail: If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send an email to OPPO mailbox.

For things that matters most during repair

1)  Original Spare Parts: Only original spare parts are used for repairing at OPPO service centers.

2)  Price transparency: The prices of spare parts are clearly displayed on the official website and the service centers.

3)  Face to face Repair: To ease your concerns, there is an option for you to sit with the repair engineer and watch the entire repair process at any upgraded service centers.

4)  Information Security: Rest assured, OPPO strictly abides by the General Data Protection Regulation to protect users’ privacy.

A warm reminder is that all available services vary from region to region, please consult local service center for specific services.

OPPO Support is much more than just troubleshooting repairs and enquiries with the aim to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users. In the future, OPPO Support will uphold its core faith of "Care & Reach" and constantly upgrade the services to provide a better experience for all.

Find more: https://support.oppo.com/


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