Kiwontech’s targeted email attack protection technology standard selected as national government

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kiwontech‘s newly-developed targeted email attack protection technology has been selected as the leading ICT standard of Korea.

Kiwontech CI
Kiwontech CI

One of Korea’s most prominent IT security companies and a JV member of Born2Global Centre, Kiwontech is pursuing the commercialization of its global email security standards-compliant IT security technologies in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. In November, Kiwontech and Vnetwork, a Vietnamese content delivery network (CDN) operator, formed the joint venture VnetKiwon Security.

The Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), the authority on the setting and implementation of ICT standards in Korea, has adopted Kiwontech’s technology, called "Security functional requirements for the prevention of targeted email attacks" (TTAK.KO-12.0379), as a Telecommunications Technology Association Standard (TTAS).

This new TTAS will serve as an email security benchmark for companies in international business and retail that use email to send and receive financial and other sensitive information as well as general businesses that use email across their operations. Kiwontech’s development of this technology began in December 2020.

The company’s goal from the beginning of the development process was to have the technology chosen as a national email security standard, and the resulting solution is capable of diagnosing email security risks associated with fraud against users and businesses, information leaks, and ransomware. More than 50 government agencies, SMBs, and other entities have already completed trials of Kiwontech’s new email security solution, which replaces flesh-and-blood IT security consultants with AI in the detection, analysis, and reporting of email security threats, a breakthrough that will enable a rapid market launch of the company’s technology.

Kiwontech’s TTAS will serve as a valuable reference for corporate IT security teams in auditing email security and purchasing-related solutions and enable email security solution developers to supplement and optimize security functions to ensure the reliability of the email security products their customers use.

Kiwontech CEO Kim Dong-cheol said, "Selected standards for targeted email attack protection were something needed not just in Korea but all over the world. The governments of many developed countries have been involved in the acquisition and supply of such standardized email security technology for some time."

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