JDDJ and Ito Yokado Team Up to Provide High Quality Products and Service in Chengdu

SHANGHAI, July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA) ("Dada"), China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform announced that Ito Yokado stores in Chengdu have officially launched on JDDJ, Dada’s on-demand retail platform to provide customers in Sichuan with online shopping and one-hour delivery service. JDDJ becomes the first O2O platform that established the partnership with Ito Yokado in China. Moreover, Ito Yokado stores has adopted Dada Haibo System developed by Dada Group, to optimize its home delivery business. 

To date, all 8 Ito Yokado stores in Chengdu and Leshan have been integrated on JDDJ. Ito Yokado’s well-received featured products, such as homemade cooked bento, snack and noodles, Ito daily series, and Japanese imported products, are now available online. Ito Yokado’s online orders on JDDJ have grown fast since its launch, showing that users are embracing on-demand consumption.

Dada’s on-demand delivery platform, Dada Now provides Ito Yokado stores with the "last 3 kilometer" on-demand delivery service within one hour. To make sure customers can enjoy the same high-quality service no matter online or offline, Dada Now’s riders will take the training program of "Ito Yokado Hospitality Service" before delivery, and wear Ito Yokado’s customized uniform for delivery service on the condition of ensuring health.

"For 24 years since Ito Yokado entering the Chinese market, we have always fulfilled our vision of ‘Customer First’, and focused on customers’ demands. That’s why we choose Dada Group as our cooperative partner," said Yamei Huang, Chairman of Chengdu Ito Yokado. "We look forward to working closely with JDDJ to create better online consumption scenarios and shopping experience for customers. In the future, Ito Yokado will accelerate its digital transformation, and focus on domestic and global supply chain, and owned brands, better serving Chengdu citizens."

As of the first quarter this year, JDDJ have partnered with 75 of the top 100 supermarket chains in China. Over 110 thousand retail stores for all categories, have operated on the platform, covering more than 1,500 counties and cities across China. JDDJ has become a new growth driver for O2O operations, promoting the digitalization of offline retail, and facilitating the development of the real economy.

About Dada Group

Dada Group is a leading platform of local on-demand retail and delivery in China. It operates JDDJ, one of China’s largest local on-demand retail platforms for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery platform open to merchants and individual senders across various industries and product categories. The Company’s two platforms are inter-connected and mutually beneficial. The Dada Now platform enables improved delivery experience for participants on the JDDJ platform through its readily accessible fulfillment solutions and strong on-demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the vast volume of on-demand delivery orders from the JDDJ platform increases order volume and density for the Dada Now platform. In June 2020, Dada Group began trading on the Nasdaq Global Market, under the ticker symbol "DADA."

About Chengdu Ito Yokado

Chengdu Ito Yokado Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture established with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce (formerly the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic cooperation) in December 1996. It is also the first overseas comprehensive department store of Japan’s Ito Yokado Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SEVEN & i HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., the largest retail group in Japan (a Fortune 500 company). Since its opening in November 1997, Chengdu Ito Yokado has always adhered to the concept of "customer first", deeply cultivated the basics, focused on customer needs, and devoted itself to providing customers with high-quality daily goods and services, creating a safe, secure, convenient and comfortable shopping environment for the general public, and striving to "create a touch in daily life" for customers, thus winning customers’ long-term trust and support. While serving the society, the company continues to grow and develop, adhering to corporate social responsibility, and setting up CSR Department to promote social welfare and green & sustainable development. While adhering to the essence of retail, taking digital upgrading and transformation as the strategy, and improving customer experience as the core, we will make innovations on business models, expand new consumption fields and make every effort to build new consumption scenarios, thus helping Chengdu become a city as the international consumption center. Chengdu Ito Yokado has 9 shops, a total business area of 270,000 square meters, 15,000 employees, 30 million guests per year, annual turnover of RMB 6 billion and accumulated tax payment of RMB 2.6 billion.

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