JCGS Releases Self-developed Digital Data Management Tool DigDoc

DigDoc improves user experience by offering a wide range of compatible file formats and improved operation speeds

TOKYO, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Japan Computer Graphics Service Inc. (JCGS) released DigDoc, a self-developed digital data management tool, on December 8, 2020. DigDoc is a tool for organizing and unearthing digital data stored on computers; DigDoc supports various file formats, including the most popular professional formats such as camera RAW and HDR images. It can also handle large amounts of data at high speed, thus reducing the stress of managing digital data.

An Overview of DigDoc
An Overview of DigDoc

Mr. Hiroshi Chiyama, Head of Marketing in JCGS explained: "although many companies are moving their data storage and archiving to the cloud or a web server, managing data – such as cumbersome data registration and management, high server management costs, and significant environmental limitations as the data can only be viewed in a web browser – remains challenging for managers. It also increases the heavy burden for operators as content creators need to process existing data by downloading and uploading data frequently."

"With this in mind, we are truly delighted to announce DigDoc to the market. DigDoc is designed to solve these problems by making it easy to search and view existing data without the need for a special web or database server," said Mr. Hiroshi Chiyama.

With DigDoc, users can create databases and tag files with the same folder structure and files they have at hand. This makes it easy to search and view files. It also supports the file formats commonly used in professional applications, such as camera RAW images and HDR images. In addition, the ultra-high-speed operation processes are designed to avoid over-distracting the user.

DigDoc is available at https://digdoc.jcgs.co.jp/. For more details on pricing and licensing options, please visit the DigDoc website or contact Hiroshi Chiyama at the contact details below.

About Japan Computer Graphics Service

Japan Computer Graphics Service (JCGS), a technology provider for artists who use digital technology in their artistic expression, has more than ten years of experience in film, television and commercial production and technical development. The company’s mission is to provide artists with truly necessary and useful technology.

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