IGTV Standalone App

Noticed the IGTV icon on your Instagram home page but never got so excited to tap it? Then, know that you weren’t the only one. People behind Instagram has noticed that it isn’t one of their users’ favorite feature, and so this orange icon on your Instagram home page is going away. But it doesn’t mean that the IGTV will no longer exist.

IGTV Standalone App

A photo of a screenshot of the IGTV App from Google Play Store

Some are aware that there’s a standalone IGTV app and some might have never heard of it until now. But the IGTV app isn’t new in the store, in fact it had been released way back in June 20, 2018. However, compared to the 1 billion-plus and growing users of the main Instagram app, only 7 million downloaded the standalone IGTV app after 18 months since it has been launched in Google Play and the App Store. Compared to the hit mobile app TikTok, which has gained 1.15 billion downloads in the same period since IGTV launched in the year 2018, IGTV could be considered a lackluster.

Is IGTV App worth downloading?

Aside from the IGTV app, people can still see IGTV content through their Instagram feed previews, IGTV channel in Instagram Explore page, and the creators’ profiles. Thus, there’s no need for Instagram users to even download the standalone IGTV app just to watch longer Instagram videos. But if you still would like to download it, then feel free to do so.

Monetization in IGTV

Unlike YouTube and Facebook videos, long-form videos the content creators post on IGTV still can’t directly make them money. Aside from that, even popular content creators who dedicate their time and effort on IGTV still don’t usually get as many video views. It could be a few of the reasons why some Instagram content creators are still hesitant to commit themselves in producing such long-form content within IGTV. With the lack of interesting content made by the content creators, the IGTV app and even the IGTV in general might continue to have a hard time getting more downloads and bigger audience.

Compared to other similar booming apps out there which caters to content creator and vast audience who fancy making and watching long-form videos, Instagram’s IGTV hasn’t seemed to figure out the code yet.

Have you ever tried using the IGTV app? What are your personal notes about it? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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