Huion Kamvas RDS-160: a Creative Pen Display to Empower Your Creativity

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global digital painting device provider Huion launches a new pen display, Kamvas RDS-160 to empower artists’ creativity. 15.6-inch Kamvas RDS-160, adopting quantum dot technology, has wider color gamut and is able to present pictures with lively and vibrant colors. The battery-free digital pen with pen display has professional level pressure sensitivity, providing a natural and smooth writing and drawing experience.

Kamvas RDS-160
Kamvas RDS-160

Quantum dot technology for immersive creation experience

Kamvas RDS-160 with strong practicality and only 12mm thickness allows users to enjoy the portability and convenience brought by digital creation, even when creating outdoors. Equipped with the full-laminated screen and wide viewing angle, Kamvas RDS-160 ensures clear and bright images when users see from different angles. Meanwhile, quantum dot technology is applied to achieve 145% sRGB color gamut, presenting pictures with high saturation, accurate hue, and natural brightness, and providing users with a more immersive drawing experience.

Natural strokes to spark your imagination

Equipped with the improved battery-free digital pen PW517, Kamvas RDS-160 can provide users with a smooth and comfortable drawing experience. Lines with different widths and shapes can be reproduced naturally and instantly as the applied pressure changes. Thanks to ±60° tilt support, users can tilt the pen to color or add shade to pictures without bothering to operate on the software frequently.

Kamvas RDS-160
Kamvas RDS-160

Programmable press keys to optimize workflow efficiency

The Kamvas RDS-160 pen display has two buttons on the pen and ten press keys on the display, all of which can be customized to functions you like, such as undo, zoom in/out the canvas, increase/decrease the brush size, etc. Meanwhile, users can also switch to pen tablet mode to save electricity and experience a different way of creation.

Easy connection brings more possibilities

Kamvas RDS-160 can be connected to computers and Android devices via a 3-in-1 cable or a full-featured USB-C to USB-C cable, which will greatly improve your efficiency. And besides drawing, Kamvas RDS-160 also plays an important role in fashion design, animation design, architectural design, online teaching, etc. It is just a great tool for many people.

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