Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Background for Starters

After the novels, movies, countless merchandise, and console games, now comes the newest Harry Potter Wizards Unite mobile game that will make your world more magical! Harry Potter Wizards Unite will tickle the Potterhead and gamer within you, so if you’re a fan, don’t miss out and if you’re not, it wouldn’t be a harm to try it out. So what are you waiting for? Go Expecto Patronum your way through your upcoming virtual adventure.

A screenshot from the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of the game's logo

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Sneak Peak

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a Harry Potter themed Augmented Reality (AR) game that will make your wizard dreams come true. The game has been freshly released by the creators of Pokemon GO, Niantic, Inc. with WB Games San Francisco just this June 22, 2019. Can’t wait to use out of this world spells in real life? Oh, you can keep your excitement soaring because we’ll be showing you what’s there to enjoy.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Download

A screenshot of the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite from Google Play store, an image that shows the Harry Potter Wizards Unite logo by the left portion of the photo

This game is *drumrolls* FREE to download at Google Play and App Store, so whoever you are, wherever you are, this game is for you. But as always, see to it that you have an internet connection to push through the download. The initial download size of the game is only 61 kb anyway so it wouldn’t take that much of data to have the game within your devices.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Features

Magic everywhere! – that’s one thing to expect and you won’t be disappointed. Plus you also get to customize your very own ministry ID, master various powerful spells, wander across iconic Wizarding World locations, craft your own potions, duel with your foes, and even choose your wizard profession.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Walkthrough

You might be thinking, “Yeah, it sounds great!” So, how does it work? And to answer that question, here’s a bit of a walkthrough from the start of the game until you get past the registration.

Signing up

The first thing that will welcome you is the game page where you should enter your date of birth. Upon submitting your birth date, the game will make you choose whether to carry on using your Facebook account or your Gmail. Then it will ask for your GPS permission, which actually is expected in AR games. You’ll have to make a few more choices from terms of service, privacy policy, and email permission and then you’re good to go.

Magical Graphics

The opening 3D graphics already makes a good impression – detailed and colored well. If you’ve played Pokemon Go back when it has started a hype, you’d probably recognize the likeness between the two AR games. The 2D graphics of the game are also well-crafted. I know that if a game’s gameplay is smooth and challenging enough at the same time, graphics wouldn’t actually matter that much anymore, but you at least have to get to know that this one did an awesome impression on that factor too. 

A screenshot from the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of an owl flying toward the game's title

Next step – You’ll need to fill up some registration forms for your game account such as name and code name, but don’t worry that was just it for that part.

NPC’s Will Actually Talk to You

When it comes to iconic faces, characters from the Harry Potter franchise such as Harry Potter, Constance Pickering, and more recognizable wizards will of course be there to guide you along the way. Constance Pickering, however, is the first character that will welcome you with a brief plot where the story will be heading.

A screenshot from the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, a 2-dimensional image of the NPC Constance Pickering talking

It is advisable that you use earphones/headset or simply turn your device’s volume on the moment you start your journey, simply because the None-player Characters (NPC) wouldn’t only make an appearance by the lower portion of your screen with their dialogue box but they will also be talking with the voice and accent that truly emits the Harry Potter vibe.

A screenshot from the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, a 2-dimensional image of Harry Potter

The Gameplay

When it comes to “collecting the foundables,” which would be your first task by the way, you may choose to either use the AR feature of the game or not. The settings for that could be found by the upper right corner of the screen. Before getting access to the AR feature, you have to allow the game’s request for the camera permission.

A screenshot from the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of an augmented reality from the game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite also has a daily tasks system, just like other games in the store, which you may want to fulfill by the end of the day to be able to earn various daily rewards. The game will also inform you real time with the latest weather update around your area, so if I were you, I’d choose to go out when the sun is up.

A screenshot from the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of the daily assignments

Stay Social

You can also become the friendliest wizard out there. Here’s how: Tap the icon with the image of two wizards, the one just above the icon for your player profile. Tap the “Add Friend” icon and you can either directly share your friend code in your social media accounts or copy it to be able to send it hassle free to people who you would want to be friends with. 

A screenshot image of the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of the social portion of the game

You may also change your friend code by refreshing it by the refresh icon on the right side of your screen. Refreshing your current friend code wouldn’t affect your friend list, so don’t worry, you get to keep your friends as you wish.

Customize Your Ministry ID

This is one of the fun parts of the game because this will give you the feeling that you really are a wizard who is unique in your own ways. Let’s start with your photo ID. being able to put up a photo in your game profile (Ministry ID) is already exciting, since not all games will let you do so, but the catch is, you can even put your photo up using in-game filters which could make you look like a real wizard yourself.

A screenshot image of the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of Harry Potter themed garments from the game

You also get to keep the title of your choice, but in order to unlock more choices, you have to reach the necessary achievements. Details such as profession, house, and even your wand are also customizable depending on your choice, your current level, or your existing achievements.

And there you have it! I won’t be spoiling you to whatever comes next right after this point. You can only feel the real fun out of this game if you’ll get to unveil its magic on your own anyway.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Overall Verdict

The gameplay is easy to follow and the overall visual is stunning. The thing is, when it comes to this kind of game, which is very thematic, you maybe would like to have at least a bit of a background regarding its reference to actually feel that you are within the game. AR or not, if you simply just couldn’t relate to its world, it might affect the way you appreciate every detail of the game, like for instance, in this game, you are collecting “foundables” which are either characters or objects in the Wizarding World so you may or may not enjoy collecting them in the long run. 

However, the way you just simply have to trace patterns on your screen to perform magic and spells isn’t something so exciting at all, at least in my opinion, but if that would be something you think you might enjoy then have fun on your adventure, wizard.

A screenshot image of the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite, an image of a chicken foundable and the pattern to trace by the player

Before jumping into action

Before you start immersing yourself within the game, here are some reminders from the game itself that you must take into consideration, since Augmented Reality (AR) games knit the in-game world with reality.

Now, it’s time for magic!

Are you ready to conquer the Wizarding World and collect the foundables? Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite and make your daily life as magical as it should be.


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