Happy 21st Birthday Google!

Guess whose Birthday is today!

In a regular day, do you just suddenly get the feeling that someone you know is supposed to be celebrating a birthday but you might have forgotten about it unknowingly? Well, things like that happen, whether you like it or not. However, setting a reminder or marking your calendar might be the solution for you to keep yourself from missing out big days. But for today, let us remind you about this one…

Happy 21st Birthday Google!

Google Doodle for Google's 21st Birthday this September 27, 2019

Today is September 27, 2019 and it is the 21st Birthday or Anniversary of the very well-known company and search engine, Google! That’s right, Google has just turned 21 today and the search engine has a special doodle for such a special event. For me, the doodle seem to give nostalgia with its scrapbook-like design. To see the Google Doodle for the occasion together with its brief history, you may click here.

Google’s Previous Birthdays

Before the date has been the 27th of September, Google’s birthday had gone through changes through the years. Even though the company filled their incorporation papers on September 4, 1998, the date has never been officially considered as Google’s birthday. According to an article published by independent.co.uk, since the year 2005, Google has previously marked its birthday on the dates September 8 and September 26. And the most recent date is of course the date today which is September 27.

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